Activists, take action:
From: Sam Adler-Bell <info>
Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 8:44 PM
Subject: Ebay
To: Olga Lazin-Andrei <olgalazin>

As more companies leave ALEC, Ebay remains among the right-wing lobbying group’s membership.
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Dear Olga Lazin-Andrei,

The infamous, Koch-brother-backed group, American Legislative Exchange Council, has seen its membership shrink lately, as Google, Microsoft, and a host of other tech companies announced they would divest out of concern over the far-right policies the group pushes.

Now a coalition of more than 80 organizations has asked Ebay to do the right thing and dump ALEC too.

ALEC unites corporate lobbyists and state legislators behind closed doors to craft model legislation for members to implement in their home states. ALEC is behind some of the most racist, xenophobic, income-inequality enhancing legislation of the past several years. “Stand Your Ground” laws, Arizona’s draconian anti-immigrant measures, and new “Right to Work” laws, all stemmed from ALEC. The group has also worked to thwart efforts to address climate change.

Tech companies concerned about their association with these policies are now divesting from ALEC in droves, but Ebay has yet to follow suit.

Tell Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar to take a stand for political transparency and democracy by divesting from ALEC!


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