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Dr Olga Lazin Career coach, Branding & Hiring Expert: Find the Job YOU Want – Adult Tutoring – English for Academic Purposes – Reading Comprehension – Writing: Letters of Reccomendation, Letters of Intent – Critical Thinking – Italian Language – French Language – Romanian language – GRE, SAT, LSAT, LLC One-on-One or online. Connecting is easy: olazin olazin SUMMARY Dr. Olga Lazin is a UCLA-trained educational historian. She holds a Ph.D. in History, and her doctoral dissertation has been published in a book. The Challenges of Globalization, is the focus of her book Globalization Is Decentralized, being translated into English from Spanish. The book mentors job seekers on how to present themselves to employers. To do that, they must create their personal brand and master the job interview strategies. Branding & Hiring Expert Dr. Olga Lazin is an author, radio talk show host, successful career coach, professional motivational speaker, and CEO of Lazin global search. inc, a retained distinctive search firm. Riu.jpeg UCLA Professor James Wilkie says, “What are the secrets of a winning job hunt? Few experts offer advice as intriguing – or usable – about that quest as Olga Lazin, president and CEO of L.A.-based Lazin global search, inc…Olga is great …I hired many candidates from Dr. Lazin, my exclusive job search consultant…Together, we built PROFMEX, global consortium for Search nationwide. Founding Editor-in-Chief, PROFMEX Listen to Dr. Lazin’s Radio show at http://www.drlazin.com to learn about her Find The Job YOU Want! on BlogTalkRadio, and Dr. Lazin interviews a wide array of guests, including elites. Visit Dr.Lazin’s Career Coaching page: http://www.olgalazin.com


Read Dr. Lazin’s Blog on Blogspot: http://olgaandrasy.blogspot.com/

Specialties: Personal branding to help YOU get your dream job. Strategizing to help YOU build a career at UCLA.

EXPERIENCE Founder & CEO Lazin global search inc. April 2001 – Present (12 years 11 months) Published author: Globalization is Decentralized, 2007, UCLA & University of Guadalajara.

Friends, please visit our page and feel free to become a part of our meaningful and inspirational community ♥ Find the Job You Want ♥ http://www.olgalazin.com Copyright Olga Lazin 2011


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