This is on the PROFMEX site: no link to my book, or Lados Brillantes y Obscuros, the second book. Can you fix it? Abrazototes,

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On Dec 24, 2015 3:16 AM, "José Luis Batiz L" <josebatiz> wrote:

Hello Dear Olguita, how are you?

Where did you find the link? Is in your site? Or other?

I see the problem, if the link you are using in your email for example change from this Http://

To this:

If you tell me where did you see the link, I will remove the "_%20" that mean space, the correct link doesn’t have space between globalization and se.

Saludos, abrazos y feliz Navidad jo jo jo jo 😉

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Dear Jose, can you fix this link please to my book? Http://

Did you get it yet? Goal Achieving for 2016! (Here is your book and audio)

Yes, I did, but I want to get my money back. Not interested in this type of e-mails. I did not get any material from you guys whatsoever; mot even a letter. I want my money back in full, refunded to my VISA ACct, the card on file, please.

Dr Olga

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Dear Olga

Just checking to ensure you received the 7 Step System for Creating & Achieving Your Goals so that 2016 will absolutely be your best year yet and … a year where you enjoy the journey and the milestones achieved throughout the year.

If you haven’t already done so, access the eBook and Audio by CLICKING HERE

As you know we are here to:

  • Cheer you on!
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  • Brainstorm and Mastermind to find the accelerated path to your desired goals.

Please do let us know how we can assist and serve in making 2016 an absolutely stellar year!

To Your Success, Peace & Prosperity,

Nancy, Trish & Susan

WPN Founders

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Book Review: ‘Soros – The Life And Times Of A Messianic Billionaire’ – | Seeking Alpha

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Date: Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 6:00 AM
Subject: Book Review: ‘Soros – The Life And Times Of A Messianic Billionaire’ – | Seeking Alpha
To: Olga Lazin Andrei <olgalazin>, "james wilkie@att. net" <james.wilkie>

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