harod the great, MASADA

dams and water channels. = fortified houses, armory, in hands of the zakhary. the Getty desert, it was wealthy the town. at GETTY. i see strategy, , Ves[pasian burned it to the ground. takes a breather. but in actual fact there were many women & kids. Candida Moss Dr. The Dovekeepr, the COLUMBARIUM of MASADA.
women responsible to keep the birds-poop, =high nitrogen fertilizer, u can see it as the unseen role of woman in MASADA. The rebels used "ostrika" rationed food, ELIAZA BEN yA IR, the commander
jews changed, 10 diverse groups, styles.
a small band of jews on the fringes of the roman world HELD OUT LONGEr, A Roman general’s mandate to eliminate any jewish resistance.
THE SIEGE of Masala, 7 weeks and 6 months.Used catapults and balistics, from the RAMP. they killed themselves rather than surrender.hist josephus.holes in this myth.Com prahansive suicide pact. suicide is considered a crime, so they disagree by their own hand, 960 people died (YIGAIL YADIN archeologist) discovered a hideout, 24 people huddled in a cave., april year 73bef christ. Romans made a mass grave, plus cremation. what was it like; when do you choose to live. treacherous terrain, and MOVIE PERFECT STORMS" , the lost 3 ROMAN legions. The roman CASIUS DIO wrote, in 1989 historian, romans suffered a catastrophic defeat. his "dalabra". ,In 9AD. sent to Germania, in haabited by barbarians, under local cheiftains.17th, 18th & 19th legions. to make em a roman culture club. THE CHERUSCHI were partnering (aliati cu Romanii) in the heart of Germania, to insure peace; took away their children sai faca, ARMENIUS, was taken from germania, he fought, and was a an HONORED roman citizen. and ANNEXED THEIR LANDS, were ruthless superior’ romans.he knew the forests intimately. HUMAN TERRAIN (what r the tribes, religious loyalties?)
Barbarian freedom fighter was ARMENIUS was capable of such DECEPTION. roman thought thay were a compliant mob.
Dr Olga


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