Filed with ICEOMB # 1653-0049, forward this to your ICE connection please,

Declaration December 10, 2015

My name is Olga M. Andrei. I met Cezar Andrei in may 2007. He insisted that we get married november 29, 2007 in Beverly Hills, marriage certificate # 19027974. He conned me into marrying him, by making false promises. After our marriage, he stopped working, and moved into my place in Westwood, 440 Veteran Ave. He would not pay rent, as he promised before marriage. Cezar moved in with me right away, and he started using my car without paying insurance for it, and sometimes would disappear for weeks to Romania or Canada. He was not contributing to the rent, and not working; so I had to file for divorce february 4, 2008 with a paralegal.

I went to file for divorce, with a Paralegal, Rudy Sandoval, but Rudy skipped town, so I had to file a police report for grand theft In february 23, 2009, (enclosed here), and he (the paralegal) failed to submit my divorce paperwork early in our marriage. He, the paralegal, was found in the hospital in September 2009, I could not recover my money. I should have been legally divorced by 2008 from Cezar, had he filed the paperwork.

Cezar even used my Bank of America Visa card online, without my permission. I complained by phone to his brother Nicolae Cezar, a convicted felon, (in Toronto, Canada) and his mother about this.

Here is a list with things he took from me;

Cezar Andrei stole my car, used it move to west Hollywood, to Andrei Schiopul. aslausa9, who did exactly the same t

After he left, while I was in a Conference, he took his things, and in my absence moved out, taking away cash.

After he left on February 4th,2008, he quickly changed his address, dissappered.

He owes back rent for the apartment on Veteran, the total of which is; $15.000. Please investigate.

2. Cezar asked my friends for money (e.g. James Wilkie for $3000), which he never returned. Including he was using my contacts, asking for a car loan. I got a phone call from Phoenix AZ, from a car agency, as he was trying to put James Wilkie, as a co-signer to buying a car. He should pay James Wilkie back for the loan.

I consider Cezar A. a con man, who deceives people, and his green card should be revoked, as he did not comply with the terms of getting a green card (3 years of marriage). His GC # is A087283252.

Right now Cezar is squatting, is illegally occupying a house at 660 Club View Drive, LA, 90024.


Dr Olga





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