Steve Jobs, socially innept. With The meaning of life, and what , doing electornics, WAZ, steve wazniack. they may like to meet each other, were mentored by fathers.From phone jacking to apple wa snot way off; WHIZZ-kid1st Apple one. operation manual. sold. The HIPPIES and the NREDs is able to realize the vision. Nerd knew women. they saught out older people to do it. Took on RONALD WAYNE. most gracious man. serious (WAZ acted as referee). So Apple II looked more as a private computer. He took Caligraphy, with Paladino.(1974). help with greek letter/font. A buddhist (hippy trail, to India, studied Buddhism, in 1975. The true nature, THE ZEN CENTER BUDHISM represents, in flower arranging, in art work, I was taken by caligraphy. he loved aphorism! In 1979 he ordered a prototyped mouse. Spheres to be part of the mouse.(from XEROX)
Bill gates was his rival. More polished confident JOBS.ability to interface with people. the antipathy grew when JOBS (had no restraint), is more fun, had glamour (was only 29 years old in 1990s) which made him good for by Scheff, Jobs was influenced by Timothy leary, LSD, and ANDY WARHALL.23 years old, he was worht ! Billl.$. he was ostrecized, and demoted, put in an office.he sold all his 60% fast. took off and started a new life.
Ross Perot funded him now, as principal investor.
Steve started NeXT to aim at Education. This T he was ruthless. CAlled it PIXAR.Started anew.

so he took more equity out of his own company.Standed up to JOBS (in full bvull rage, face to face; just like a street bully face-off). Only Stev J. he could use the whiteboard. They were scoureged. Apple called him BACK to fix it; Walt MAssberg tells the story.
Tyrant.THE 2nd disciplined company. Bill Gates gave them 150 million$.they patched things up. Humilty/failure affected him;so Jobs created the IMAC.MACMAN JOBS< and PCJobs Micrososft did ll incremental.
innovation and risk taker=Jobs., who changed the game.u and i have more memories longer than the road stretches ahead!@ the peak of its creative successs, was moving, ahead, aas a VISIONARY. THE IPADS built the APPLE CEO, itunes music.
Most is fragile. long walks around Palo Alto. walking and day-dreaming with people. had his liver transfer.lecturing me on work-life balance.
he changed the way that we communicate, he did it with a lot of panache and style. try not to bash into the walls.iPD2,. life, YOU CAN MOLD IT, poke life, and smth is going to come out;

​the highly intellectual world of high technology.the music industry, the motion picture industry the telephone industry​. THAT"S IMPACT!


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