Please Support Legislation to Trade Secret Protections. It is already too protected!

Very important, saludos

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February 5, 2016
Support 21st-Century Trade Secret Protections
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Dear olga, On January 28, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Defend Trade Secrets Act (S. 1890; DTSA) by a unanimous voice vote. This important legislation must now pass the full Senate and House, and we strongly encourage Voices for Innovation members to communicate their support for DTSA to their Senators and U.S. Representatives.


America’s intellectual property (IP) system—including patents, copyright, and trade secrets—is a key driver of innovation. While patents and copyrights provide essential protections that enable innovations to reach the marketplace, trade secrets play an increasingly important role. Trade secrets enable companies to maintain a competitive edge by protecting technical, operational, and business information where steps have been taken to preserve confidentiality. Trade secrets are especially vital to startups and small businesses, which may not file for patents.

Currently, patents, copyrights and trademarks receive protection and remedies under federal law; trade secrets do not receive such protection. While it is a federal crime to steal trade secrets, businesses must navigate state courts to seek a civil remedy. This patchwork, local approach, on its own, is no longer sufficient to safeguard innovation in today’s digital marketplace, where companies compete, and information is stored and used, across state boundaries and around the world. DTSA updates trade secret law to provide a uniform, federal standard for protection and a federal remedy.

Information technology has transformed the business landscape over the past four decades. It’s essential that U.S. laws and policies be modernized to reflect and protect 21st-century innovation. Passage of the DTSA will be an important step forward. Please email your legislators today. It takes just a few minutes from the VFI Action Center. Thank you.


Jonathan Friebert
Voices for Innovation

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VOICES FOR INNOVATION Advancing 21st Century Tech Policies
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