IS THIS Correct, LINDA The 20th of JUNE

Beginning on June 20th, that special day for you, wear your Bracelet of Power and concentrate especially hard on one of the characters, the Fu character, which activates the blessing of good fortune. Focus on it, close your eyes and say a little prayer every day you want it to work for you.

Then, every week, you will focus and concentrate on a different character.

Apart from the Fu character, there are 4 more characters to activate:

And Olga, to make sure your Bracelet is stored away in a box that befits its importance and helps the Bracelet retain its powers when not in use, I will send youa stunning presentation box.

Your FIRST FREE gift: The book that points you
in the direction of maximum rewards, success and good fortune

As for the mystery, lore and history of these Chinese characters, it is rumored to date back 5,000 years, to the time of the Yellow Emperor. A historian named Canjie sat on the ground one night observing the transformation of the moon and the footprints of the animals around him and was inspired to create Chinese script, the first characters ever and an invention that was said to astound the deities and man alike.

Dr Olga

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