High School Partnership Programs

Well I am at UCLA, but cannot do anything of these right now. Sorry. I know Dr Margaret Boardman might know the answers to your pertinent questions. i am Cc ing his message to her. Good luck, in Mexico now. Saludos Thomas

On May 22, 2016 5:17 PM, "Thomas Cupples" <ilovealtaishan> wrote:


I hope you are doing well. I wanted to give you an update on my future plans.

(1) I am planning high school trips for the summer and fall.

(2) I need to know when you want the American School to visit your school.

(3) We will need to get an official invitation, and set a solid date for this visit.

(4) I have several USA High schools ready to go anytime from now until the fall.

If you want a good high school, with a good reputation, that has a solid program, then I have it.

All the foreign students will get an American Diploma that will help them get into a top American University!

Some of my high schools have DUAL ENROLLMENT and UNIVERSITY CREDIT PROGRAMS. They have great Advanced Placement Courses.

Here are some thoughts and questions for you to think about:
~What is your definition of a good school? Please carefully consider this!

~Is it a top 100 High School? Let’s consider this.

***Schools on the top 100 lists do not need and do not want more applicants. They do not need partnerships. They are happy getting their few students from China. They have a 1000 applicants for 5-10 places!!!

~In our expert opinion, we should evaluate each school based on this, and we define a good school by the following:

***the quality of the teaching staff. How many with advanced degrees? Do they bring in new talented teachers?

***How many AP courses? How good is the honors program?

***How many kids are in the top quartile of the SAT’s? We do not care about the average SAT.

***Where do the kids go to university? This is very important to us.

***Does the school have its own ESL program (Note: almost none of top 100 schools have ESL programs BECAUSE because the AVERAGE INCOMING TOEFL score is able 105 and above 6.5 – 7.0

***What type of after-school activities?

***Do teachers stay after school to help kids?

***How strong is their assistance program?

***Do they have a strong anti-bullying policy?

These are the important factors for you and your group to consider.

The "top 100" schools cannot do this for you!!

You need to find the right school that will have all these things as much as possible. Also we want the school to have the WILLINGNESS to work with you! All of these are BIG issues! That is what you should be looking for.

We can do the ADVANCED DIPLOMA, GENERAL DIPLOMA, and IB Diploma Programs.

We can also discuss other programs like SUMMER CAMPS, TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAMS, and Recruiting. Also, I would like to discuss the EB-5 Educational Investment Projects with you.

I hope to hear from soon. Please talk with my by SKYPE or QQ. I will not have access to wechat. Thank you.



Skype: kanasaltai

QQ: 2592446951

Certified and sent by Thomas Cupples of Minden, Louisiana


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