Your long weekend GOOD FOOD menu is here!

ORGANIC Food for the 4th of JULY:
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: Food Babe <vani>
Date: Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 10:28 AM
Subject: Your long weekend GOOD FOOD menu is here!
To: olgalazin

In preparation for all the July 4th celebrations happening this weekend, I wanted to make sure you saw this brand new recipe.

It’s perfect, easy and fast to make and guaranteed to be a hit with all of your friends and family. The side dish pairs perfectly with a meal by the pool or backyard BBQ. Best of all? It doesn’t contain any of that nasty cottonseed oil found in most store-bought versions!

And if you are celebrating and need more recipe ideas – check out some of my summer favorites to enjoy with a crowd here:

  • Kale Slaw – Pairs nicely with anything from the grill.

Stay safe this weekend!



P.S. Please keep calling your Senators and ask them to vote NO on the GMO labeling bill – I hear the vote is coming up very soon! It’s really easy to call – just look up your Senators here, and they will connect you to their office. Leave a message with the clerk if they are not there. It takes less than 3 mins and can really make a difference! And remember to call BOTH of your Senators!

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