Can you guess what’s happening in this picture? (Insights inside)

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Hi ,

Can you guess what’s happening in this picture?

This was taken at A-fest Costa Rica in 2015. And it was taken when Marisa Peer was guiding the entire audience through an Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy session.

That’s Marisa on stage.

As I mentioned in previous emails, Marisa is one of the most sought-after Hypnotherapists in the world. And her clients have included Hollywood A-listers, Olympic athletes, award-winning musicians, influential political figures, CEOs and even the British Royal Family.

Below is Marisa working with one of our audience members, Smiljan Mori.

Having worked with some of the most successful people in the world, she discovered that even the most extraordinary people can have deep issues about lack and longing, which they then carry with them throughout their lives.

As a result, these issues can surface as a whole range of different problems.

What Marisa did was to help the entire audience address these issues through her powerful Transformational Hypnotherapy session.

See the picture below with people raising their arms?

What Marisa was teaching us to do was to go back and see ourselves as a child, so we could identify all the love, the compliments and the encouragement that we longed to hear from the people we looked up to… But never received.

All of us as children, end up taking on subconscious beliefs around the lack of love.

These beliefs stay with us during adulthood and manifest themselves in a wide array of different situations.

And then she taught us one key lesson that completely shifted the entire audience.

It was the idea that although we may have lacked the love and attention from our fathers, our mothers, our teachers, our siblings, our closest friends, our preachers, or our guardians…

People who failed to tell us enough…

"I love you."

"You’re important."

"I’m here for you."

We didn’t NEED to hear it from them.

We could give ourselves that love too.

As we were guided through Marisa’s exercise, we all began to regress back to our past to speak to the childhood versions of ourselves. From there, we were able to give ourselves that love we deeply craved for.

And the results were astonishing.

This woman here is Triff, taking part in the session.

Triff told me that she had regressed to a specific memory of when she was at school, alone, waiting for her father to pick her up.

Her father had arrived much later than expected. And as a result, her "childlike meaning-making machine" in her head came to the conclusion that "since my father didn’t make time for me… that means he does not love me."

Triff later realized that this particular memory had been resurfacing throughout her life, and had become the source of a lot of pain for many years. For example, she found that she would get very upset with her boyfriend if he didn’t make time for her. This resulted in feelings of neediness or anger that were unnecessary — but were really rooted in a moment from the past.

This is what childhood memories often do.

They cause us to create unnecessary meaning in our lives.

When you go through Transformational Hypnotherapy (Marisa’s unique technique), these memories will resurface, which will allow you to heal them.

This is me experiencing the session at the same event.

I had a truly incredible breakthrough.

It’s because of what I went through (with those 300 people there too) that I asked Marisa to host a special Masterclass. So that you, too, can go through that same liberating experience.

I’ll be sharing my story at this Masterclass.

When you register for this Masterclass, you’ll experience exactly what the audience at A-fest went through.

Many of us were in tears.

Others had major breakthroughs.

And everyone felt as though a huge burden was lifted off their shoulders.

It was truly one of the most liberating feelings I ever had.

NOTE: I want you to know that going deep into childhood memories can be dangerous. At A-fest, we had a very safe surrounding. If you attended Marisa’s breakthrough session last year, just know that we’ll be covering a completely different (and just as important) idea that you may be carrying around and is holding you back in many things in life.

This will be a unique experience. And to get the most out of it, you must be listening to this in the comfort of your own home.

Go here to sign up to learn more >>

Be Extraordinary,

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