Dr Olga Lazin’s Nutritional and Wellness Daily News is out! Edition of 21 July 2016

Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 2:57 PM:
CACAO for YOUR Heart Health, Plus The HANGING GARDENS,

How Climate Change Can Reorder The World

Dr Olga Lazin’s Nutritional and Wellness Daily News is out! Edition of 21 July 2016

Cacao: The Mayan “Food of the Gods” – From Ricochet Science

ricochetscience.com – Cacao, the simple bean native to South and Central America, is today a staple of food across the world, giving us such delicacies as milk chocolate, hot chocolate drinks, and chocolate chip cookies, raise YOUR LIBIDO…

?url=pbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F3256342088%2F1047e87720514de6f68e47e979fd13ed_normal.jpeg&token=e911a5851b179fd5a05946c2d8ff024ec21a49dfShared by
Ricochet Science

Making Room For Romance In Tulum Mexico

thewondermap.com – Tulum is a place that surprises with magical charms of its own. It is surrounded by lush jungles, and wonderful beaches, maybe even the best beaches on the Mexican Caribbean. Combine sunbathing wit…

?url=pbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F686889027027341312%2F3ZcaVq3E_normal.jpg&token=ad16aef5aa5ae70f3ac3930b9a512fcfcd84ba63Shared by
The Wonder Map

redtea.com – The Mayans were building massive temples, hanging gardens and majestic, beautiful cities when our European ancestors were still slogging around in the mud worshiping forest fairies. Strangely, by t…

?url=pbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F706880368196976640%2FklW4Rbrr_normal.jpg&token=79e6edbfd66c189f09ee08da1d3b20a14df4f365Shared by
Red Tea News

The most spiritual places on the planet

blog.olympus-tours.com – If you are feeling at a crossroads, travelling the world can be a great opportunity to step back from what you know, to take in other influences and broaden your mind-set and horizons. With so much…

?url=pbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F618443198688432128%2FgBJs08My_normal.png&token=03476ae6cfb258a446ed28d31fc06ab32a8764d9Shared by
Olympus Tours

Mexico Attractions

Go-travels.com – Mexico –YUKATAN Peninsula:

The Mayan Ruins in Quintana Roo; traveltips.usatoday.com – Tulum is among the most popular places to see Mayan ruins. (Photo: Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images ) The Maya civilization was one of the most advanced pre-Columbian American civiliz…

?url=pbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F657019462860804096%2FtrjK-Qw9_normal.jpg&token=0ad931ad34a5e83c5244916d9ad70e7cad3b9f78Shared by

Reconsidering History: Ancient Greeks Discovered America Thousands of Years Ago – ΠΑΡΑΞΕΝΟ

paraxeno.com – CAVALESE, Italy—The year 1492 is one of history’s most famous dates, when America was discovered by Europeans. However that “New World” may have been already known to the ancient Greeks, according …

?url=pbs.twimg.com%2Fprofile_images%2F473843157348532224%2FgvXR6T4C_normal.jpeg&token=3ef835ca09a2107bf1e3f901098f7e29186a2133Shared by

NASA Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It’s Not Looking Good for Us

mic.com – Update: NASA is now clarifying its role in this study. NASA officials released this statement on the study on March 20, which seeks to distance the agency from the paper: "A soon-to-be published re…

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21 July 2016
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Conflicts in Tennis Announcing | DownTheTee.com
thumbnail downthetee­.com – Washington D.C., July 18, 2016 — John McEnroe touched off a torment of negative comments at Wimbledon. It had nothing to do with his tennis, but everything to do with the state of tennis broadcasti…
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