Children are such a dream to work with

CARTOFII DULCI SI BENEFICIILE LUI: Cartofii dulci, Ipomoea batatas, sunt unul dintre cele mai raspandite alimente de pe planeta, fiind consumati inca din antichitate. Dar stiai ca aceasta leguma aparent banala detine si numeroase proprietati medicinale puternice? In prezent exista in jur de 8.000 de sortimente de cartofi dulci, iar majoritatea sunt excelente pentru intarirea sanatatii plamanilor. Soiurile de culoare galbena si portocalie sunt cele mai recomandate pentru plamani.

De obicei consumam tulpina subterana a cartofului, dar si radacinile, tulpinile si frunzele sunt comestibile, si fiecare dintre aceste parti ale plantei contine substante anticancerigene puternice.​ SURSA DE ESTROEN NATURAL, ADAUG eu!​


Cartofii dulci abunda in beta-caroten, substanta care in stomac este transformata in vitamina A. Aceasta vitamina este deosebit de importanta pentru sanatatea corpului, fiind esentiala pentru functionarea optima a organelor de vaz, a sistemului scheletic si a sistemului imunitar. In plus, vitamina A si o serie de alti carotenoizi sustin regenerarea tesuturilor pulmonare bolnave, in special in cazurile de emfizem.

Un studiu desfasurat de catre o echipa de cercetatori taiwanezi si publicat in 2007 in Jurnalul pentru Nutritie Clinica a Regiunii Asia-Pacific sustine ca persoanele care consuma frecvent frunze de cartofi dulci sunt cu 43-65% mai putin predispusi riscului de imbolnavire de cancer pulmonar comparativ cu persoanele care nu includ acest aliment in alimentatie. Potrivit studiului in cauza, persoanele care consuma cantitati mai mari de vitamina A, alfa-caroten si beta-caroten sunt mult mai feriti de tumori pulmonare. Pe langa aceste frunze, si crizantemele poseda proprietati vindecatoare puternice.


Si alte studii sugereaza ca extractele de cartofi dulci pot reduce cresterile tumorale mamare si inhiba dezvoltarea leucemiei. Potrivit unui studiu de actualitate, antioxidantul antocianina, continut de majoritatea soiurilor de cartofi dulci si de legumele si fructele rosii, albastre si violet, poseda proprietatea de a inhiba cresterile tumorale hepatice la soareci.

Dar nu numai carotenoizii continuti de cartofi aduc aceste beneficii. Acestia sunt completati de un spectru larg de polifenoli anticancerigeni precum acidul cafeic, acidul dicafeoilchinic si acidul tricafeoilchinic.

Cartofii dulci sunt o sursa excelenta de carbohidrati complecsi, fibre, riboflavina, vitamina C, vitamina B6, magneziu, calciu, potasiu, mangan si fier. Carbohidratii complecsi continuti transforma cartofii dulci in alimentul perfect pentru diabetici si toate persoanele cu probleme de glicemie. Iar continutul mare de fibre sprijina digestia si previne chiar cancerul de colon, in timp ce cantitatea mare de potasiu si vitamina B6 protejeaza inima si reduc riscul de atac de cord.

Cartofii dulci sunt o sursa foarte bogata de beta-caroten, care, printre altele, sprijina si sanatatea parului, stimuland cresterea si regenerarea parului deteriorat. Chiar si apa in care fierbi cartofii dulci poate fi utilizata in scop terapeutic! Clatirea pielii cu apa de la cartofi asigura o curatare a porilor in profunzime, elimina toxinele si calmeaza iritatiile.
Dr Olga

My Blog:

From: Marisa Peer <support>
Date: Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 12:01 AM
Subject: Children are such a dream to work with
To: olgalazin


People often ask me "Marisa, What do you love doing the most as a Therapist?"

I love to work with children.

Children are such a dream to work with because children already have a vivid imagination. They’re not like adults, they see things in their head and its very easy to excite their imagination.

In the same way you can say to a child "Oh look, where did this coin come from? It came out of your ear" …you can do magic tricks with them.

You can pretend to eat a fly and they believe you and so it is very easy with small children to engage them.

When I work children I say to them, "I’m going to do some magic with you and you’ve got a very special brain".

I do a lot of tests with them and they love it because it’s so easy to engage them.

Nothing ever makes me happier than working with children, it’s so rewarding, it takes a third of the time it takes to work with adults.

Recently I worked with a child called Isaac, who was the most delightful and sensitive boy.

He wanted to get into one particular school and in order to do so he had to take a quite hard common entrance exam. He was rather worried that he wouldn’t do very well.

When he took his mock exam he didn’t do very well, and so his parents, worrying that this would mean he would fail the real exam brought him to see me.

I said, "Look, a mock exam is a mock exam. When you don’t do well with that exam then you know what you have to do to get it right in the real exam"

I asked him "What do you need to do to pass the exam?"

He said, "I need to focus, I need to remember, I need to spend a little bit more time and I need to read the question more carefully."

I made some very simple notes.

Then I said to him "If your teacher was here, what would he say you needed to do to pass your exam?"

He gave me different information that he’d given me, because he was saying it from another person’s perspective.

Then I said "If Mummy and Daddy were here, what would they say?".

He gave me even more information.

All I did was put all that information together and give him a hypnosis session that made him believe he would pass and I made him an amazing recording to listen to every night.

I didn’t regress him back to why, or how, or where he became nervous in exams, we all have a fear of being judged–I simply told him that when he sat that exam, his brain was so clever, that when he read the question, his brain came up with the answer exactly the same way as when you type a question into google and hit search.

I told him he had a brain a bit like Google, as he read the question, his brilliant brain was already finding the answer and it would keep it in his head long enough until he had written that answer out.

It would happen again with every question and he was so clever and so smart his brain would remember everything, every lesson he had sat in, every book he had read, every revision he had done.

All of that information was stored in his mind and he would be able to access it just like Google.

When he read each question he knew the answer, and when he was writing essays he remembered the punctuation, he remembered capital letters and he remembered to use different words.

He would ask his mind to give him different words and his mind would.

Really I was doing two things; I was exciting his imagination (which is important for children) and filling him up with confidence.

I was telling him that he would go into the exam so calm and collected.

He would write each answer and each essay so excited and when he was writing his essays, he would imagine the examiner saying:

"Wow, this child Isaac, he really knows his stuff."

That as the examiner read his papers, he was so pleased with him.

I was not at all surprised and neither was Isaac that he did pass his exam and got into that school!

There were 12 applicants for every place and he did really, really well.

I wasn’t surprised and he wasn’t surprised. In fact he called me the day after the exam and I asked how is was and he said

"It was cool. I wasn’t nervous, I was really excited, I went to the exam. I knew I was going to do well, and I wasn’t scared at all."

It’s very important with small children to change their fear to excitement, because it feels almost the same but the interpretation is entirely different.

He did so well, I’ve since hypnotised him to do really, really well at sport and that is now happening.

I see children for all kinds of issues and the most obvious things are bed wetting, nail biting, fear of school, making friends, standing up to bullies — I see a lot of children who are bullied and I have hypnotised them to stand up to the bullies.

I work with bullies too and I hypnotise them to not need to be a bully to believe that people like them.

They are so easy to work with and so receptive

You can see my session with Isaac right here:

==> Watch my session with Isaac

With very young children I use puppets and I love how simple and fun it is with older children I just excite their imagination.

You can do what I do, it is so rewarding.

I get little letters, cards, and drawings from children almost every week and it makes my day.

==> You can watch my session with Isaac here

I hope it makes your day too.

Best Wishes,

Marisa Peer

==> Watch my child therapy session here

PS. Join my Facebook group here:

==> Join my group 29 Harley Street London W1G 9QR United Kingdom





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