Your’re Invited to Hang-Out with the Dream-Team

Natalie Ledwel
From: The International Women’s Leadership Association <bjohnmperch>
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2016
Subject: Your’re Invited to Hang-Out with the Dream-Team
To: olgalazin


Dear Olga ,

Thrilled to personally invite you to hang-out with "The Dynamic Duo"…

Friend and advisor to TheIWLA, Natalie Ledwell, is hosting a rare & live Q&A hangout session – FRIDAY OCTOBER 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific (USA) with special guest Dr. Joe Vitalie (yes, THE Joe Vitalie, star of "The Secret".)

Natalie and Dr Vitalie will answer ANY question that’s keeping you up at night and getting in the way of your success, fulfillment and ultimate happiness. They will tell you how to erase the inner blocks so you move forward more easily and achieve your personal and ultimate success.

Speaking of Ultimate Success, Natalie will also be running a live demonstration of her brand new Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0 (or USM 2.0 for short):

CLICK Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0

You’re also free to ask any questions you like about USM 2.0, and grab a couple of priceless launch bonuses, when you enroll on the day of the Q&A.

When it comes to personal growth and peak performance, Natalie and Dr. Joe are two of the most brilliant people I know and they deliver great results.

The Heart-to-Heart Success Hangout with Natalie Ledwell and Dr. Joe Vitale happens TODAY October 28th @ 10am PT. by invitation only.

Because this is a live session, spots are extremely limited:


Get your questions ready!

Kind regards, as always,
Beth Johnston


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