How Empower Network is a Scam SCAN DOWN PAST LOG IN which is not needed

What Empower Network is all about?

Empower Network is a downright scam that focuses mainly on MLM and that means, you need to “trick” people to join in order to make money.

Empower Network over the years are creating a negative impact on people, so much so that more and more people are realizing how much of a scam it is.

Apart from that, the products revolves around personal development which makes it even harder to sell as not many people see that of a thing of value, especially with that overly expensive price they’re charging you for.

Because of this, it’s getting very hard to sell Empower Network’s products year by year so the only way for you to sell, is by tricking people.

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Pros and Cons

With all the stress Empower Network have put me through, I’m afraid there will be more Cons that I’ll be sharing out of personal experience rather than the Pros:


  • Everyone has heard of Empower Network
  • You get one blog of your own.
  • Pictures are cool and are HD.


  • You get ONLY one blog for a very expensive monthly subscription fee.
  • Upsells galore.
  • You ONLY make money selling Empower Network’s products.
  • Easy to get confused as there are just too many upsells being thrown at you which you will need to sell to others afterwards.
  • VERY little direction on how to get started.
  • Typical MLM pyramid scheme.
  • Very hard to sell.
  • You have to have a very thick skin in order to sell a product which receives a high rejection rate.
  • The $25/ month that you pay is only for the membership title (and a useless blog). You actually have to pay ANOTHER $19.95 if you wish to have the right to sell.
  • Did I mention that it’s VERY hard to sell?
  • Complains made by thousands of unsatisfied members.
  • ZERO support.
  • Bullying tactic whenever people tend to quit or whenever they are not satisfied (They will call you names and in some cases, they will send you a threat letter).
  • Facebook and Youtube banned Empower Network from being able to be promoted there.
  • PayPal and merchant banks (Like AMEX) do NOT accept transactions from EN as well due to its reputation as an MLM scheme.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

empower network compensation plan

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Every MLM company has a compensation plan, and Empower Network’s one is no different.

As a pyramid scheme, you earn more money the more people you manage to trick into joining.

And as you create more down lines, those who will be making money will automatically have a certain percentage of that money be coming all the way back to the top of the pyramid scheme – you.

But as fun and easy it is to think that you are at the top and that you have an army of down lines underneath you, you actually AREN’T!

In an MLM world, the founders and those at the top tiers are the only ones who will always be making more money then you which means that as hard as you work, you won’t ever get to beat them because you are actually making them more money instead.

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Empower Network Pricing Strategy

I have to warn you, it is normal for MLM schemes to overprice their products for things you could otherwise get for free and are even more effective.

Ready? Here are their products:

1) Blog Beast – Blogging System ($25 per month)

Sure $25 a month sounds cheap but you’ve merely scratched the cover on Empower Network’s pricing plan.

Blog Beast is what you get when you first join Empower Network which as the name implies, a blog for you to have.

However in my personal opinion, their blog is of low quality because you will be tied to which Google search engine have considered a spam.

The blog is of low SEO which is not worth having because it would be extremely hard to get it visible within Google, ESPECIALLY when every one of the other members have one too, and they are doing the exact same type of blog.

And when joining, you have to agree with a disclaimer saying that you don’t own any of the content you create which means that the blog DOESN’T even belong to you!

What kind of sick trick is that??

You can get better far superior blogs for free equipped with specialized help elsewhere.

But believe it or not, even after joining and paying $25 a month, you WON’T get to sell it and make money YET because in order to do so, you will need to buy…

2) E-Wallet ($19.99 per month)

After paying $25, you need to further add another $19.99 for the e-wallet.

This is by far the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard so out of curiosity, I did a little research of my own as to why you need an e-Wallet because face it, we can use PayPal or our cards like on other websites right?

The reason for this is simple – Credit card companies even PayPal DOESN’T accept transactions from Empower Network because it has been marked as a SPAM for a very long time (Serves you right).

Because of that, Empower Network doesn’t have a way to pay and get paid so they took the initiative of creating their own electronic bank.

3) Inner Circle ($100 a month)

Inner Circle is an even bigger lie because it doesn’t exist – There are no circles at all!

It is basically a set of audios but there are no mastermind groups where experts share thoughts.

Instead, it is only a license for you to “Sell” it in order to get even more profit.

Talk about a bunch lies!

If you’re searching for a mastermind or a group which shares similar goal and passion as you, there are always better and free ways you could find communities.

4) Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one-time payment)

The Costa Rica Intensive is just a set of videos telling you how to make your MLM business long-term which in other words would mean “Empower Network Advanced Lessons”

This is a video series that is based on a private 3-day retreat which was held near David Wood’s mountain home in Costa Rica.

And as you might know, MLM schemes love to show off luxurious pictures and videos to make you envious and jealous enough to fall into buying.

5) The $15K Formula ($1,000 one-time payment)

This package consists of 9 set of videos aimed at helping you broaden your marketing platforms.

It teaches you how to market Empower Network through social media but actually this is pretty much useless because even Facebook and Youtube are banning Empower Network as it is a huge international red flag.

But even if YouTube and Facebook allowed Empower Network to be promoted, who in the right mind would pay $1000 JUST to learn social media marketing to promote a scam?

There are better places to learn social media marketing which would otherwise cost less than $50 or even free.

Who is Empower Network Targeting?

empower network paycheck

Empower Network uses promises of riches to trick innocent and gullible newbies into joining

As I’ve said before, every internet marketer knows Empower Network and its unethical actions which is why we stay away from it.

So that leaves the target market to the others apart from us – the newbies and beginners.

Every day, there are thousands if not millions of people all over the World looking for ways to make some extra income over the internet.

Most of these people are fed up with their lives and have heard good tales of people making money over the internet so they decided to give it a try.

While searching for ways to make money online, they then come across this cool website called Empower Network, no doubt through ads.

After clicking, they were surprised as to how many people got rich online, ESPECIALLY with the convincing video and pictures of people with big pay checks.

Being the gullible person that they are, they joined Empower Network and soon learned that they were scammed (I too, was tricked into believing Empower Network was worth it).

Because of that, I’m writing this blog in hopes that people who read my review will know to avoid Empower Network than fall into their trap as how I did.

Does it offer ANY kinds of support?

Empower Network customer complaint on Facebook

An argument and confession by an Empower Network user

Of all MLM companies I’ve come across, I learned to notice that support is their number one priority… or at least it should be.

Despite being an MLM scheme, it is also a people game which means that they are usually nice to people as the reason they talk to them in the first place, is to convince them to join right?

Dr Olga

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