Relationship Rescue

We will meet online every week, and we will have about 30-45 minutes of information presentation, then 15 minutes of some exercises to really get it in your physiology (because this is the ONLY way to LASTING change) and then the rest of the time will be for questions and answers and discussion.
It will be a 12 week program, with articles, evaluations, and yes, even fun assignments that you get to do together between calls! It is going to cover some wonderful topics in depth such as the 6 human needs and how do we meet each other’s needs in healthy, positive, and empowering ways; Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages and how to apply that to your life; archetypes and how to unleash them for increased intimacy and passion; the Passion Patterns we all have and how to take advantage of them; the seven master skills of relationships; how to have successful (and playful) arguments; the 10 disciplines of Love; and the power of vulnerability just to name a few!


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