Trump and the Russian Honeypot

Subject: Trump and the Russian Honeypot
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Inauguration is still more than a week away, but the Trump era has begun.

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Inauguration is still more than a week away, but the Trump era has begun. The new year has already yielded a spate of outlandish stories, anti-Trump speeches by celebrities, and vehement rebuttals from the president-elect.

The latest controversy involves allegations of much deeper ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. In the mix as well is a file of information Moscow could use to blackmail the new president. Is it true? Is it a hoax? Those are not apparently the right questions to ask in the post-truth era.

This week at Foreign Policy In Focus, I offer a Russian honeypot article that I published before the latest intelligence scandal broke. Don’t focus on the hacking. Don’t focus on the latest bizarre allegations. The seduction of Donald Trump has not been about sex or money or even power. It’s been primarily ideological.

If you’re tempted to block out all references to Donald Trump, consider reading this allegorical tale of a Clinton supporter who fell into a coma just prior to the election and didn’t wake up for four months. Should her children tell her of the election results and possibly endanger her health, or pretend that Donald Trump never won in the first place?

FPIF is already covering the impact the Trump administration will have on the United States and the world.

Columnist Stephen Zunes looks at the battles over Middle East peace, and Louis Kreisberg examines the recent UN Security Council vote on Israeli settlements. Karen Hansen-Kuhn writes about how the Trump administration will likely deal with free trade and particularly farming issues.

Meanwhile, Christopher Bolan analyzes the evolving U.S. approach to the war in Syria. Emanuel Pastreich and Ku Yaerin send a letter of encouragement and warning to student protesters in South Korea attempting to unseat President Park Geun-hye. And Walden Bello dives deep on the fascist tendencies of another Trump-like figure, Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte.

John Feffer
Director, Foreign Policy In Focus

World Beat

The Russian Honeypot

John Feffer

Russia has had big plans for Donald Trump.

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Our Features

Once Again, Democrats Are Blowing It on Middle East Peace
Stephen Zunes
In the first major foreign policy vote of the new Congress, most Democrats sided with Donald Trump — and against international law — on Israeli settlements.

Rodrigo Duterte: A Fascist Original
Walden Bello
Instead of creeping repression, the new Philippine president began his reign with a blitzkrieg of extra-judicial killings, stupefying the country and blazing a new trail for fascism.

Obama, Kerry, and Israeli-Palestinian Realities
Louis Kriesberg
The recent UN vote on Israeli settlements lessens the power imbalance between Israelis and Palestinians.

Trump and Trade: The Perils for Agriculture
Karen Hansen-Kuhn
Donald Trump has taken aim at free trade agreements. What could renegotiation look like?

The U.S. Should Back Russia’s Syria Ceasefire
Christopher Bolan
For all its shortcomings, Obama’s seemingly improvised Syria strategy has taken advantage of unexpected opportunities. This could be the latest.

Words of Warning and Encouragement to South Korean Student Protesters
Emanuel Pastreich and Ku Yaerin
Young people are at the forefront of change in South Korea. What can they learn from the past?

Goodbye, Clinton!
John Feffer
How nice it would be to continue pretending that Trump didn’t win in November.

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