you need to make a dispute for the items that I cannot find you should request my shipping information and when you receive my info, then I can mark it ITEM RECEIVED.

4th Request – Re: 4 Items You Won!

Between Cheryl Lynn and You

tpxl.gifCheryl Lynn January 18 at 1:45pm

Re: 1 Ladies Red – Elastic Waist – BELT – 24.4" x 2.9" – 1 SZ and
Women’s Fashion Square Neck Racer Back Party Dress Blue, US
and Drop Hoop Earrings and Joan Rivers Pink Safari Chic Animal Print Jacket Blazer – XS.


I keep asking you to add your address the your I’ve bought page so I can ship. Call me if you need help.

Following is the email I keep sending you:

Thank you for your purchase! In order for me to ship your item quickly. You will need to add your address to the drop down action menu, located on your I’ve bought page under marketplace.

You will need to do this in order for me to ship your item. I will then add the tracking information to the same drop down action menu.

Then when you receive your item, go back to the same page and mark the item received and leave me feedback by scrolling to the top of the page after you mark item received.

Thank You Kindly!


Dr Olga

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