Lest We Forget: The Big Lie Behind the Rise of Trump

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Subject: Lest We Forget: The Big Lie Behind the Rise of Trump
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Lest We ForgetIn this web exclusive video, Bill Moyers and four historians dissect the big lie Trump rode to power: the Birther lie. Nell Painter, historian and Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita, at Princeton University; Khalil Gibran Muhammad, professor of history, race and public policy at Harvard Kennedy School; Christopher Lebron, assistant professor of African-American studies and philosophy at Yale University; and Philip Klinkner, James S. Sherman Professor of Government, Hamilton College discuss the fertile ground on which the birther lie was sown: our nation’s history of white supremacy.READ MORE »

At Trump Inauguration, His Hollow Rhetoric Collides with Reality

The contrast between his promises to America’s forgotten and the greed of the new president and his circle of fat cat appointees is horrible. By Michael Winship and Bill Moyers


A Note From Bill Moyers

Bill recommends reading this essay by a retired professor who writes that in order to save democracy from its greatest challenge, we must continue marching. By Bill Moyers and Charles Bayer


A Moment of Truth for Journalists

Are you the people’s tribunes or are you props decorating the scene for a horrendous monologue? By Todd Gitlin


Why My Student Voted for Trump

I asked my student why he voted for Trump. The answer was thoughtful, smart and terrifying. By Rick Perlstein


Solidarity — Plus 10 Other Reasons Women Showed Up to March

The Women’s March on Washington illustrated the wide variety of issues women are concerned about in the years ahead with Donald Trump. By Hannah Norman


Your Turn: Living with Obamacare

For some the Affordable Care Act is hardly affordable, but for many it’s a lifesaver. By Karin Kamp


The Trump Resistance Plan: Step 2

It’s time for the real American majority to demonstrate its unity and mobilize. By Steven Harper


Lessons From Vietnam on Inauguration Day

Resistance doesn’t mean just standing strong; it means doing so without rushing, and without faltering. By Lynn Sherr


Janitors in Minnesota Strike Against Poverty Wages and Trump

As Donald Trump was being sworn in, retail janitors contracted to clean Home Depot stores in the Twin Cities protested against his "anti-worker" agenda. By Sarah Jaffe


Koch Dark-Money Operative Is Trump’s Liaison to Congress

Secret ties between the Koch Brothers and members of Congress can mean good things for the super rich and the worst for everyone else. By Richard Eskow


Labor Organizing in 2017: Looking Beyond Trump’s Lies on Jobs

To create new job opportunities for Americans we must look beyond Trump’s promises and take action. By David L. Wilson


Trump’s Two-Step Strategy To Take Over the Truth

It’s Trump’s word against the truth and real facts never change. By Robert Reich


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