Hi Cheryl

I have the Same issues like you: they want another $490 from me, in ad fees which I am NOT paying! They took out over $350 from my credit card ! I have been with empowr for 8 months and never seen a penny! They wirk like Robin Hood , this is their business model! I am writing and calling the Department of Labor honey! This is why the rule is not to call each other or email each other.
Take out your credit card! I did it!

Will talk more this evening. Here is my book angel: http://authorwebservices-gem.net/AuthorHouse/752522/

On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 12:10 Cheryl Lynn <thiswaterheals> wrote:

Hello Olga,

Following is an issue I am having with empowr. It will display clearly what is going on at empowr.
Following is my email to my new coach:


Following explains my big problem that I was working on with my previous coach, Richard Smith Beverly. They changed my coaches twice before I choose you. Here is my correspondence with Richard:


Between You and Richard Smith Beverly

Cheryl Lynn January 4 at 11:20am


It’s time to pay ad platform fees and I can’t afford it. They said upgrade power level so I upgraded to first degree blue and my ad platform fees increased. I upgraded because I thought they would decrease. I tried to reverse the process and it did not work. So I then cancelled my subscription and rather than a refund, they say that I am a blue star for a month. I want to pay the platform fees as a green star because I will owe less than if I am a blue. How do I downgrade? I tried to reverse this action within minutes. They will take too much from my credit card tomorrow. I can’t afford this. I’ve worked so hard and no money. Ive shipped so much merchandise and no money and now they want to charge me over $288.00. Please help!!! Thank you Richard!



Richard Smith Beverly January 4 at 3:27pm

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for your message. That’s a great question! I wouldn’t recommend downgrading your power user subscription level because you will lose money. I recommend that you upgrade your earnings subscription level to PLATINUM so you can pay your ad platform fee a little later. Please go here to do so: https://secure.empowr.com/Navigation/DailyEarningOptions/PackageSelection.aspx?ExitURL=http%3A%2F%2Fprofile.empowr.com%2FProfile%2FEmpowr_NewCustomProfile.aspx%3Fu%3Da332156facab45119e5982d43d173c73&FormCode=TTw%2Bg3RDumzmd454VGMxW4CYwXz6CbT2Zhg%2BTzOyFIMnXsNRwG3QFrLuomNHG12FUZg7koxqpIJH1sW7bhPgsg%3D%3D&CURRENTMETAL=1&DisplaySelectedMetal=300

I hope this clarifies things for you. I see from your profile that you like posting status updates about the 15 most alkaline foods on earth. 🙂 In addition to earning from posting, you can also earn from hitting your daily goals on Empowr. Would you like me to show you how to do that? I look forward to your response. Thanks. Cheers.




Why can’t I go back to the level I was at???????
Your blog did not explain. 288. ad fees and 244 platinum fees. It is too much to pay out. I have shipped out $514.75 already to Empowr customers. That is not including the money empowr collected for all the people who never submit their address for me to ship. With Empowr, I work every day, I pay for and ship merchandise. Now they want me to pay them what I can’t afford. Do they want my first born child as well. I thought we were supposed to be able to make a living with this. I am working hard enough at it. I’m being responsible and taking it seriously. It is over 3 months for me with nothing to show for it. Please explain! Thank You!



Additional Notes:

Empowr suggested an upgrade to pay less ad fees, so I upgraded:
Jan-04-17 Power User Subscription for First Degree Blue Power User (Pending)(What’s this?) Product −$2,000.00

It ended up that after the upgrade I owed more.
when I tried to downgrade, I did not have enough money to go back to my green star.
The highest level I could afford because I did not have a refund was a downgrade to Orange Star:

Jan-04-17 Power User Subscription for Orange Star Power User (Pending)(What’s this?) Product −$100.00

I still had to pay a higher ad fee than when I first started the upgrade they suggested and the downgrade I did to have more empowr funds to pay for my ad fees.

It is 5 days and Ad fees are due and I do not have my refund.

I am now being paid less than $20.00 per day hitting all green bonus levels. That is less than I was paid as a new basic orange member just hitting the blue bars
way back in the beginning.

Please help!!!


Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for your message. I have already responded to these messages previously. Please see here:http://prntscr.com/du3jw1 Can you please review the message there?
Thanks. Cheers.


So what I am concerned about is that I am missing $2,000.00. There is such a thing as buyers remorse where you have 24 hours to reverse a decision. I based my decision
on Empowrs suggestion to upgrade to pay less fees. However when I did that, I had to pay more fees. So I immediately tried to get a refund but the refund button did not work
so I cancelled all within minutes of my decision (based on Empowrs recommendation). There is also such a thing as truth in advertizing. I no longer was able to upgrade to
where I was previously because empowr had my $2,000.00. I had to go many days at $20.00 per day. I also had to remove my payment vehicles so as not to be charged any
further. I have now shipped almost $1000. in merchandise and no AMOCO on January 7th either. I am now also pausing all of my ads daily so as not to be charged more ad


So sorry to have to put all of this on you. It’s a messy one. Can you please help me with this? Based on what I have told you you can understand why I am not optimized at
this time. You can also see why I am wary. I have worked very hard, put in lots of hours, shipped almost $1000.00 in merchandise and they are asking me to pay them more,
while I receive no returns for anything. What can I do. What reassurances do I have? What happens to all the merchandise monies? When do I get my returns? There you
have it Glenn, I need help. I so appreciate all your kind attention and advice.

Warm Regards,

Hope this helps Olga

On Mon, Jan 23, 2017 at 10:18 PM, OLGA LAZIN <olgalazin> wrote:

Dear Cherryl–


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