Our rights are in peril

Rachel drops another shoe. Right on Trump’s head.

Date: Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 8:10 AM
Subject: Our rights are in peril
To: Olga- Magdalena Laziin <olazin>

Dear Olga- Magdalena:

My PAC for a Change just hosted a sold-out crowd to honor eight of the women who organized the Southern California Women’s Marches on January 21. We heard from each of these women on why they got off the sidelines and into the fight against the radical right-wing agenda of Congressional Republicans and Donald Trump.

I was honest with this crowd. I told them:

Our rights are in peril.

Our fight against climate change is in peril.

The stability of the world is in peril.

Clean Air is in peril.

Safe drinking water is in peril.

Our children are in peril.

Our immigrant friends are in peril.

Our religious freedom is in peril.

Freedom of the press is in peril.

When I left the Senate I said I would not lose my voice. And I am thrilled that so many voices are being added to the dialogue, speaking up for American values. In all my years in political life I have never seen such a rising up of Americans who want to get our country back on track.

The goal of the right is to shut us up, shut down our voices. Well, I’m not about to be shut up or shut down. Not for an hour, or a minute, or a second. You can count on me to stand strong.

I hope I can count on you to stand with me – to stand against those who want to take our country back to dark days, to repeal and destroy the progress that we have made. I hope you will stand with me by contributing to my PAC for a Change. Click here to make an online contribution.

The proceeds from Wednesday night’s event, and all of the work of PAC for a Change, will be aimed at electing candidates to the House and Senate who will fight for a better America, one that lifts up all our citizens with equality and opportunity, and which respects our precious environment, and stands strong against tyrants.

I hope you will join the fight by sending your contribution today.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer

Founder, PAC For A Change

Paid for by PAC For A Change. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s Committee. 777 S Figueroa Street, Suite 4050, Los Angeles, CA 90017


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Suite 4050
Los Angeles CA 90017 United States



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