How A8th Grader Built A Six-Figure Shopify Biz In 2 Months

From: Devin Zander <devin>
Date: Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 08:00
Subject: How An 8th Grader Built A Six-Figure Shopify Biz In 2 Months
To: <olgalazin>

Hey there, Devin Zander here!

Imagine this… You’re in 8th Grade, you decide to build a Shopify store over your summer break and voila. You end up creating an online business that will go on to generate Six-Figures in just a few short months…

Quite the story right? Well, guess what. It’s true.

And the best part about this story is she used the exact training I’m going to share with you today to build that business

You can watch it 100% free of charge right here:

And look, here’s what her uncle had to say


The training you’re going to see is short, simple, detailed & best of all… Extremely easy to replicate

You’ll learn:

  • How you can find profitable products
  • How you can AUTOMATE your entire store
  • The simplest way you can get started today
  • How you can run ads
  • How to build your first six-figure business in a month

Get started now:

Also, in a few days, I’ll be sending you an email that breaks down profitable Facebook advertising in a way that’s EXTREMELY easy to understand… Because the truth is, Facebook wants you to succeed and we’ll show you EXACTLY how you can take advantage of that in our next email

Devin Zander
Co-Founder SMAR7 Apps
Founder Money Mindset, LLC

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