Our biggest threat isn’t North Korea

Our biggest threat isn’t North Korea: But Russia, from PFP

The war of words is heating up between North Korea and the United States.

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The war of words is heating up between North Korea and the United States. Donald Trump has promised "fire and fury" while Pyongyang has threatened to strike Guam if the United States makes preparations for an attack.

It might seem as though negotiations between the two are off the table, particularly after North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho declared recently that his country would never negotiate on their nukes or missiles. In fact, the foreign minister was merely repeating what North Korea has been saying: it wouldn’t negotiate unless the United States terminates its hostile policy toward the country.

Let’s hope that the latest bluster is just a squall before the diplomats take over.

North Korea’s missiles, meanwhile, are not the real threat facing the world, as Foreign Policy In Focus contributor Emanuel Pastreich points out this week. The United States, South Korea, China, and other countries should be focusing on climate change.

Leilani Ganser, meanwhile, looks at the assault on Guam, and it’s not at the hands of North Korea. Rather, the island is being turned into a huge military base by the United States, with negative consequences for Guam’s people and their environs.

Elsewhere in FPIF this week, Trita Parsi reviews the Trump administration’s preparations for war with Iran. In my World Beat column, I examine how Trump is applying his philosophy of golf to the war in Afghanistan. And Medea Benjamin investigates the way Trump is smuggling torture back into U.S. policy.

Finally, Alec Dubro analyzes the way the Trump administration is looking the other way at genocide and other human rights violations in Papua New Guinea to facilitate resource extraction by its rich friends.

John Feffer
Director, Foreign Policy In Focus

World Beat

Mulligan in Afghanistan

John Feffer

Trump applies the rules of his golf game to foreign policy.

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Trump’s still nominating key figures from America’s torture fiasco to key posts — including new FBI director Christopher Wray.

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The United States is using this Pacific colony as its own private firing range.

Missiles or the Environment: Korea’s True Security Challenges
Emanuel Pastreich
North Korea isn’t the biggest threat to the world. Climate change is.

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