EMBRACING THE NEW ELITES Read: Civic Engagement Civil POLITY, Philanthropy in the USA: OLGA LAZIN Writer


My dear Readers — I particularly liked this article today, HOW THE LEFT EMBRACED ELITISM, by David Brooks, the unofficial thinker for the moderate Repubs.

They believe in capitalism and Innovation in Creating JOBS: How Can You CUT Corruption and Create The Green Deal, by cutting out Technocrats, every Part of the US Would Have to Have the Same RULES: you will have to have a Pentagon for the technocrats to live In, While they change everything (For Healthcare, For Education, for e.g the Tennessee Valley Authority during Roosevelt; they needed a dam, the government built it: but IT PROVED THAT IT CAN BE RUN WITHOUT CORRUPTION, Not by the private sector, lobbyists of which that always want sweet-heart deals…Corruption alienated AMERICA, The impulse to create a superstate has haunted America, but it never worked out! This IS the problems of the next generation that wants to impose a green deal (and who don’t know where we stand now, or the minutes of what happened recently, under the idiocy of trump). The nr. of rules could stymie everything. The Tennessee Valley project has been privatized The complexity of each region has to be understood by the NEW GREEN ELITE. Or followers of Alexandra Ocasio Cortes, democrat Congresswoman.


One size fits all doesn’t work in the USA. Because one rule cannot cover everything in the USA (e.g. volcanic water in the volcanic Springs) #AuOlgaLazin, @olgamlazin Washington couldn’t figure out the complexity of it, makes rules that are so destructive. You stifling innovation, so How can you Make Any Changes?


And #2. I also highly recommend WHAT MEN WANT, the movie: it plays at AMC Century City 15: time 12PM, 5-7PM


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One thought on “EMBRACING THE NEW ELITES Read: Civic Engagement Civil POLITY, Philanthropy in the USA: OLGA LAZIN Writer”

  1. Listen, my dear Readers, the private sector can’t just do what they want: Jeff Bezos is NOT PAYING us, Amazon Authors. I published 14 books on Amazon, but not been paid for royalties. So New York rejected him! would have received 3 BILLION $ as a subsidy, but it would have created 22.ooo JOBS! If Brooklin has anti-UNIONIZATION is NON-union place! but the right presents it as it happened b/c just for a few politicians like OC, anticapitalist killed the deal! there is a lot of antisemitism in its community. It is a new aspect of the Elitelore. that people cannot be trusted; and they have to create a new economy (Jeff Bezos thinks, that it is just too complicated for the multitudes! Brooklin is a run-down city actually. It is a managed government, TOP Down, Not Bottom UP! Alex Ocasio C HAS CREATED A NEW ELITE: the new elite will pay into a single-payer system; and will employ new people in the government, where only educated people can make decisions! Yes, Big-BROTHER is Coming! IN Education and Healthcare. b/c nobody can afford insurance anymore!

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