DIAGNOSE THE Narcissist, G. Conway diagnoses Trump with narcissistic personality disorder

Bring Him To Justice: https://youtu.be/DRlmlYatnUU


The FACT_CHECK – LIST OF TRUTH About The Narcissist Can Set You Free! internal Escapism: how we authentically feel, our authentic anger displeases society. So do it in a safe way; stop abusing ourselves mentally. They resort to guilt shame, obligation. Do IT alone, AND FACE IT! Verify FACTS.


THANKS for the TEST. Unreciprocal Relationships – Make Yourself Accountable: https://amzn.to/2FebnyZ

Tags: #NOTOK, #TOBEMADEFEELGUILTY #VERBALABUSE is about CONTROL, #DONTMESSWITHMYHEAD, #UNCERTAINTY, #APPREHENSION; http://a%20href= The Reality CHECK vs NOSTALGIC MOVEMENT. SEE CLEARLY the reality of the, we were intentionally programmed to stay with the abuser. I AM Truly kind, loving, giving. I am willing to let this GO! We are actually hypnotized by masters of deception, who have CONTROL of our Perception=jim!
Find Your center, don’t increase your tolerance to abuse!
Sign #1. Anxiety; if u worry for an hour, hyper-adrenalized (constantly unrest, shaking). I felt nauseated when I came back from RO, in 2016 i felt like this, in the plane.after I met the Sauliuc family, and remet with Mircea and Ana Moldovan.



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