With ED Rampell, GOING the 29th at 6 pm will take a Lyft. Balls To Bones

Wake Up: Cause What You reap Is What You Saw: rage against the machines:

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Rage against the machines: @olgamlazin, #lazinolga, #drolgaessentialoils

SCHOOL INTEGRATION entrusted to Betsy deVos, a White supremacist:

Loose gun control pushed by NREA, yet they re panicking if immigrants coming to the USA, bring them back into the states. The news could give you seizures, the Trump’s Death Eaters are dismantling civil rights laws, Housing, and Urban Development, the Justice Department (jeff sessions, in 1986 he was a racist and joked about the KKK) And sessions, made racism as integral to vote as stickers. Called consent decrees used by DOJ.. to stop consent .#hasanminsaj, on the NRA meltdown! so the U.S. under Trump,

The UN ATT and the globalist vultures. de Vos She scuttled 1.2000 housing dIscrimination civil rights law suits; 65 investigation were shut down, 40% of black kids were suspended (rep Barbara Lee), in Berkley, she took millions of $ from schololos. Cuts are part of rolling back civil rights, undoing obama civil rights, and gun violence to “ensure” school safety!!! The leaps she made here…. Roger Severino, who is hanging out with the tarantula section at PetSmart…, a () billion % agency, head of civil rights discriminates against transgender people… technically ben Carson is Afghanistan by denying an entire group of people, kissed bobblehead (carson) on th emouth. On FAITH AND MEDICINE. religion freedom Dept.; so doctors, if they don’t like transgender people, they can deny care to them. Doing awful shit; abjectly, but is IS a civil right of the doctor, transgender; redefining who is a protected class in America. Like the JE prisons…. Racist census? is the most important civil rights issues of the TIME! I DO IT. $700. BILLION $ is distributed. APPORTIONMENT: Listen t o MARK Stern, SLATE, OF ( AMERICANs FOR progress); This is a power grab WILBUR ROSS, is obsessed with Money: the head of the Commerce department.; he does ge tnoticed. tried to cook the books of the census: he asked to include the citizenship question, he diverts blame! SomeThing is up with the census 2020. It is always about scaring IMMIGRANTS actually, they could skew the map for another 10 years… DANGEROUS TIMES FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. Lives are being manipulated for political gain! They re doing awful shit… Trump s death eaters are always working behind the scenes!

The global impact of the NRA, the spiritual Godfather has financial ties to The Golden Ring of Freedom, have given high schoolers brain trauma. We love Australia, no guns there for high-schoolers!!! ONE NATION, an undercover journalist infiltrated in as a Crocodile Dundee, and secretly recorded the One nation (bleep) Senior media liaison… an uptown Funk. Career Poleaxed.. Khaki guys are sick. Jacinda Jarden banned all military automatic weapons…LOVE HER! NRA bugger off! Just to undermine civil rights! Not enforcing civil rights is like not having them at ALL!

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