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HOW TO make your OWN Audible Home studio Possible

Key elements of a good recording space:

  1. Isolation from outside noise (No noise from cars, airplanes, or nested birds)
  2. No home noises like boilers turning on, air conditioners, TVs in other rooms, dogs, or kids
  3. A low noise-floor
  4. A dead room: CIVIC ENGAGEMENT

The Gear You’ll Need:

  • A comfy chair that won’t creak
  • A script stand
  • A microphone (preferably a large-diaphragm condenser)
  • Mic stand or deskmount
  • Mic Shockmount
  • A Pop filter
  • XLR Cable to connect microphone to an audio interface
  • Audio interface (such as an MBox)
  • A reasonably fast and quiet computer
  • External Hard Drive (solid-state drive preferable as they are typically quiet and fast)
  • Recording/Editing Software (such as Audacity, Twisted Wave, Wavelab, or Pro Tools)
  • Material to deaden sound
  • Lighting that is easy on the eyes (Avoid fluorescents or anything with a dimmer)

Putting together your first home studio can be a daunting task. To help make this easier for you, ACX has compiled an Amazon wish list containing much of the gear you’ll need to get started. All products are highly rated by the audiobook-producing community.


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