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 She said I didn’t even look there and she said she was in a hurry to do a U turn on Ohio to return where she forgot something!
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Dr OLGA LAZIN <>
Date: Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 14:45
Subject: FAR100016200 Your Client, Tessa Admitted Guilt/Liability at the Scene of the Accident
To: <>, Dr Lazin Dr Olga ESSENTIAL OILS <>
CC: <>
We were doing errands on the 27thof Feb.2019, driving North on SEPULVEDA home, and were parked at the red light, ready to turn right on Ohio, when we were hit by Tessa, who was on our left side and was trying to turn right into our lane, from the wrong lane into Ohio.
She was not looking. She went from 0 to 50 angle (sped up so fast), and doing so she hit us in  the front/ the hood  which  was so damaged that is falling off the car.
so we stopped on a side street. She admitted guilt, and gave us two blows, as she embedded in our car. in effect two blows. I was crying loudly
We increasingly got sore, Jim hurt on his left side, shoulder, neck, buttocks, and I, Olga, my lower back, and neck, couldn’ t turn my head to the right or to the left. We both cannot sleep, we were in pain. I was crying for 20 minutes after she hit us…and felt shaking. We are seeing Chiropractor JOEL Bienenfeld in Santa Monica, tel.1-310-993-6656.  He has a REPORT on the accident too, call him at:
Wed, Mar 27, 5:45 PM (5 days ago)

tel. 1-310-993-6656. 

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