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Stop the INEQUALITY MACHINE: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Another FTA to enhance poverty

Dear Readers: we have to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership in its tracks, as conscious capitalism is becoming a movement,  more inequality is coming your way:

Here is Robyn Obrien on greedy capitalism & food inequality, watch this video:


Here is an eye-opening Interview with Robin Obrien, author, organic food activist, and mother of 5.

Dr Olga Lazin
Dr OLGA LAZIN_ANDREI AT UCLA. Food activist, researcher and investigator of the dynamics of food production in California, Los Angeles


The consequences of disaster capitalism, money oriented to the detriment of our health have to be exposed daily. It started with agent orange, continued with pesticides, and has become now a gross trampling on human rights issue.

Independent minds start exposing the FDA and its dirty tricks, and arrogance of big sugar, big soda, as well as big junk food, rotten soy.

The pattern of rotten to the core companies leading the food industry is always there: Haven’t we learned anything from the tobacco industry?

Inequality is crass; poor people cannot buy expensive organic food, and wages are not adjusted to the inflation nowadays. We all have the right to clean, unadulterated food; but MONSANTO, and COCA COLA, all other companies are loading our food with pesticides, and dangerous colorants, agent orange and other chemicals that makes us sick: cancer, attention deficit disorder, and hyperactivity, just to mention a few.

Who are you, not to do THIS? Stop the TransPacific partnership.

Why MAc&CHeese in UK does not have pesticides and chemicals in it, but fast food is infested with chemicals in the U.S.? Totally irresponsible greedy CEOs should be exposed and called to answer the questions, because the population is now being educated on the horrible human rights violations corporations are perpetrating against us.

We have to make a consciouss Food Choice. See movies like: “Fed Up”, Forks Over Knives, and “Art & Soul”. Food allergies and poisoning has been liknked to hyperactiviry in kids and cancer, that is a double Yammy.

Make sure you vote for Marianne Williamson (district 33), we need to take money out of U.S. Congress and politics now!

Read this article, it is scary if the Trans-Pacific Rim Partnership passes. Here is an article by famous economist, Joseph Stiglitz:

(TPP) hopes to bring together 12 countries along the Pacific Rim By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ   New York Times, March 15, 2014 Trade agreements are a subject that can cause the eyes to glaze over, but we should all be paying attention. Right now, there are trade proposals in the works that threaten to put most Americans on the wrong side of globalization. The TPPs which would bring together 12 countries along the Pacific Rim. And more inequality to the United States.   Dr OLGA LAZIN  

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Interview took place in In Los Angeles, SANTA MONICA, May 28, 2018.