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Preliminary Contract: Biography of Lucho Gatica In American: King Of Bolero, ROMANTA

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Dear Leslie, this is the preliminary contract:

`OLGA Magdalena LAZÍN-ANDREI (Ph.D.)


10811 Ashton Ave, Suite 101

Los Angeles, CA 90024, Office 310 208 2244, Cell 310 633 3676

November 1, 2018

CONTRACT with Leslie G. Gatica

to Write a Short Biography (Not More than 100 Pages) Entitled

Life and Music of Lucho Gatica

by Dr. Lazín-Andrei, Who Will Decide the Format, Copyright this Book as the Author, and Arrange Worldwide Internet Distribution, marketing and Promotions.

In Return, Leslie Gatica, will Advice Dr. Lazín on Layout and Pay her to Help Her Plan the Contents and Cover her Expenses for Research in

Preparation to write the Book (Including Research in the Documents of Lucho Gatica, King of the Bolero, the book Titled: LUCHO GATICA: My Marriage & Life, Discovery of Photos, and extensive Research in On-Line and Library Materials. The Rate of Pay for this Activity will be US$50 per hour, to be Paid Weekly.

If travel is required, Leslie Gatica Will Arrange to Pay Dr. Lazín Premium Coach Class or Business Class (if on Sale) as Well Pay Dr. Lazín Her Research Travel Rate of US$50 per Hour (Including Travel Time To and From Airports), Paid Weekly.

Leslie Gatica will Pay for arranging Publication of the Book, Advertising, and Distribution of It (Including 75 Copies for Review and Exhibition at Book Fairs, and Events 60 Copies for Distribution by the Author to Promote the Book). Dr. Lazín will advise on these matters at US$50 per Hour, Paid Weekly.

Leslie Gatica Will Pay Dr. Lazín for Writing and Revising the Book at the

Rate of US$60 per Hour, Paid Weekly.

Leslie Gatica Will Make Arrangements for Payment to Dr. Lazín at Least 15% of Book Royalties on an Ongoing Basis as Long as the Book is In Print.

In Case of Dispute, the Laws of the State of California Prevail.


________________________ ____________________

Dr Olga Lazín-Andrei Date Leslie Grace Gatica Date

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Book on Lucho Gatica.docx