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Two actions you can take today on NAFTA 2.0!


cut me at my knees;

Yesterday, in and day out in the car, the 24th of JUNE, cut me off my knees at dinner: cannot own his r this responsibility in the relationship, he is bullying me, and hurting me! He believes his own lies; over the top anger and frustration, he reacts with, emotionally immature.
The loop of asking themselves all of these questions:
– cut me at my knees;
– not able to have empathy;
– he knows where my wounds are, where I hurt; #resist

LEARNING how to remove myself emotionally
I am a self-loving individual.
-b/c he is in pain, I have to be in pain too;
– he has an agenda, asking for favors, a tit-for-tat-game to control me.
He learned how to create the bubble.

a. How to soothe, not taking that abuse on.

I take responsibility for my feelings.

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