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With ED Rampell, GOING the 29th at 6 pm will take a Lyft. Balls To Bones

Wake Up: Cause What You reap Is What You Saw: rage against the machines:

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Rage against the machines: @olgamlazin, #lazinolga, #drolgaessentialoils

SCHOOL INTEGRATION entrusted to Betsy deVos, a White supremacist:

Loose gun control pushed by NREA, yet they re panicking if immigrants coming to the USA, bring them back into the states. The news could give you seizures, the Trump’s Death Eaters are dismantling civil rights laws, Housing, and Urban Development, the Justice Department (jeff sessions, in 1986 he was a racist and joked about the KKK) And sessions, made racism as integral to vote as stickers. Called consent decrees used by DOJ.. to stop consent .#hasanminsaj, on the NRA meltdown! so the U.S. under Trump,

The UN ATT and the globalist vultures. de Vos She scuttled 1.2000 housing dIscrimination civil rights law suits; 65 investigation were shut down, 40% of black kids were suspended (rep Barbara Lee), in Berkley, she took millions of $ from schololos. Cuts are part of rolling back civil rights, undoing obama civil rights, and gun violence to “ensure” school safety!!! The leaps she made here…. Roger Severino, who is hanging out with the tarantula section at PetSmart…, a () billion % agency, head of civil rights discriminates against transgender people… technically ben Carson is Afghanistan by denying an entire group of people, kissed bobblehead (carson) on th emouth. On FAITH AND MEDICINE. religion freedom Dept.; so doctors, if they don’t like transgender people, they can deny care to them. Doing awful shit; abjectly, but is IS a civil right of the doctor, transgender; redefining who is a protected class in America. Like the JE prisons…. Racist census? is the most important civil rights issues of the TIME! I DO IT. $700. BILLION $ is distributed. APPORTIONMENT: Listen t o MARK Stern, SLATE, OF ( AMERICANs FOR progress); This is a power grab WILBUR ROSS, is obsessed with Money: the head of the Commerce department.; he does ge tnoticed. tried to cook the books of the census: he asked to include the citizenship question, he diverts blame! SomeThing is up with the census 2020. It is always about scaring IMMIGRANTS actually, they could skew the map for another 10 years… DANGEROUS TIMES FOR CIVIL RIGHTS. Lives are being manipulated for political gain! They re doing awful shit… Trump s death eaters are always working behind the scenes!

The global impact of the NRA, the spiritual Godfather has financial ties to The Golden Ring of Freedom, have given high schoolers brain trauma. We love Australia, no guns there for high-schoolers!!! ONE NATION, an undercover journalist infiltrated in as a Crocodile Dundee, and secretly recorded the One nation (bleep) Senior media liaison… an uptown Funk. Career Poleaxed.. Khaki guys are sick. Jacinda Jarden banned all military automatic weapons…LOVE HER! NRA bugger off! Just to undermine civil rights! Not enforcing civil rights is like not having them at ALL!

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Buckle Up, because Kansas is going Bye Bye. I am ready to be unplugged…See The ORACLE:

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GOING the 29th at 6 pm will take a Lyft



Directed By Avi Belkin

“A sharp, propulsive portrait of the hostile, dignified newsman who may have transformed television news into a weapon of mass destruction. It’s every bit as curious, provocative, and mercilessly entertaining as Wallace’s own work.” – David Ehrlich, IndieWire

“INGENIOUS. A prismatic portrait, a movie that sits at the intersection of long-form journalism and riveting documentary.” – Sam Fragoso, The Wrap

“A compulsively engrossing account of a career notable for its gutsy, confrontational attitude toward the power brokers in business and politics.” – Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter



Deemed the “enemy of the people” by our current president, journalism in America is on the chopping block. Lies, fake news, propaganda, and verbal subterfuge threaten to cripple our First Amendment. This fascinating exposé of 60 Minutes’ fearsome newsman Mike Wallace turns his hard-hitting, no-holds-barred journalistic style loose on Wallace himself, who is considered by many to be the inventor of the form. Mike Wallace unflinchingly interrogated the biggest figures of the 20th century. During 50 years on the air, his aggressive reporting style and showmanship redefined what America has come to expect from broadcasters.

As riveting as it is topical, MIKE WALLACE IS HERE mirrors its subject’s scrutinous gaze to better understand how we arrived at the precarious media tipping point menacing our democracy today. Exhuming decades of never-before-seen footage from the 60 Minutes vault, filmmaker Avi Belkin crafts an all-archival portrait that explores what drove and plagued this restless reporter, whose storied career and troubled personal life were inherently entwined with the evolution of broadcast journalism itself.

Directed By: Avi Belkin
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures
Length: 94min
Release Date: July 26, 2019

Wednesday, May 29th
Dick Clark Screening Room
2900 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
*Complimentary parking will be provided

Thursday, June 13th
Rodeo Screening Room
150 S Rodeo Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
*Complimentary parking will be provided


With the Trump regime continuing to escalate its assault on whistleblowers and journalists this spring, we asked Thomas Drake to comment on the current crisis for the First Amendment.

Hours after we received Tom’s response (below), a drone whistleblower was arrested and charged with violating the Espionage Act. The government’s allegation is that he committed such “crimes” as helping a journalist to inform the public about how the U.S. Air Force was killing civilians with drone strikes.

Tom Drake is acutely aware of how risky it can be to tell difficult truths — and how devastating it can be for the lives of whistleblowers even without ending up in prison.

Whether or not the rare whistleblowers at places like the National Security Agency go to prison — and Tom was prosecuted with the threat that he’d be in prison for the rest of his life — a key official goal is to drive them close to the poverty line for the rest of their lives, deprived of pensions and rendered unemployable for all but low-paid jobs.

If you click here to support Thomas Drake as an NSA whistleblower who continues to speak truth to — and about — power, you can make a tax-deductible contribution. Whatever you can afford would be deeply appreciated. Half of every dollar you donate will go directly to Tom, while the other half will support the Whistleblowers Public Education Campaign that he chairs.

Although Tom ultimately prevailed in court after a Kafkaesque ordeal that lasted years, the government completely wrecked his personal finances. (If you’re not familiar with his courageous stand on behalf of the Fourth Amendment, please see the links under “Background” at the bottom of this email.)

For a free press to really function, brave whistleblowers and brave journalists need each other. In effect, they’re a tag team for truth.

Fear of the government is a poison, and courage is an antidote. We wouldn’t know much about the realities of the “war on terror” without whistleblowers who’ve taken risks to tell us painful truths.

Chelsea Manning just spent two months in jail for refusing to testify against Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange, who was arrested earlier this spring in London. Manning was released on May 9 when a grand jury completed its term but the U.S. government promptly threatened to incarcerate her again a week later if she kept refusing to testify against Assange.

“No matter what one thinks or wants to think about Assange personally,” Tom Drake told us, “given what is at stake and in light of what happened to me, I stand up in defense of Assange and freedom of the press as an eyewitness whistleblower and source for the sake of history and our precious and inalienable human rights.”

If you want to support Tom’s ongoing work, please click here.

And now…

Comments from Thomas Drake:

Julian Assange was forcibly removed (read extracted) from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London recently, after Ecuador revoked his asylum, and then was indicted by the U.S. government for conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to justify their intent for extradition of Assange to the United States. This development is now an ominous wake-up and watershed call for all press and media around the world — including the increased threat and danger to whistleblowers and truth tellers who are so often sources for the press in the public interest regarding the critical issues and events of our time.

It raises further questions regarding the dangers faced by truth tellers and whistleblowers (like myself) and especially when speaking truth to and about power. This speech is unfortunately increasingly viewed as the equivalent of “treason” by the liars and leaders of state powers, where the State treats both sources and the press as enemies of the State — like the U.S. government treated me for calling out their abuse of power, wrongdoing, billions in fraud, and violations of the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment through a mass domestic surveillance regime. In my case, I was charged under the draconian Espionage Act.

The good news is that I did face down many decades in prison and kept my precious freedoms and individual liberties, but paid an enormously high cost and price for doing so. The government listed 10 felony counts in the indictment they brought against me, because I disclosed government information to the press in the public interest. The government then performed a forced retroactive classification review of what was unclassified information given to the reporter of record in my case, conveniently making the charging documents classified — hence setting the frame that I was trafficking in classified national defense information to the press.

However, what I experienced is symptomatic of the rising power of the national security state since 9/11 and its direct assault on freedom of speech (including speaking truth to and about power), association, thought, innovation, and privacy — the very things that make us human beings and sustain society.

This abuse of power is very much the practice of autocrats and authoritarian regimes preferring propaganda and Orwellian Newspeak instead of a free and independent press with the right of the people to know what their government is doing — and especially when done behind the public’s back without their knowledge.

It is clear that Assange (and Wikileaks by implication) is now indicted as a foreign publisher under the charade of engaging in a CFAA conspiracy with an alleged source and regarded by the U.S. government as part of a poisoned press that too easily includes the Washington Post, the New York Times as mainstream media press examples. This view by the government poses a clear and present danger to precious press freedoms.

Despite the fact that the U.S. government can make no law that abridges that press freedom because of the protections afforded under the First Amendment, the First Amendment itself is now a threat to authoritarianism and executive rule. However, history is not kind.

The press publishing real news in the public interest about state crimes, abuse of power, corruption, national security and secrecy is now increasingly used as cover by the government to persecute and prosecute such public interest disclosures as “Crimes against the State,” while the protection of sources and use of encryption by the press are treated as accessories to a crime.

The Obama administration’s signature Espionage Act case against me does continue to serve as a stark cornerstone predicate (and reminder) for the government penchant to criminalize and silence whistleblowers and reporter sources while targeting the “complicit” press as an accomplice where the government alleges the reporters are the only eyewitnesses to a crime.

The Trump administration could now use the Assange case as a pretext to open up the front door for directly prosecuting press reporters and media outlets that the government doesn’t like and who would dare hold State power to account. President Trump has even called the press the “enemy of the people” — which is really a loaded phrase that means the press is the Enemy of the State — the very label that the government used against me. The Trump administration has even called Wikileaks a hostile non-state intelligence actor.

This threatens any press or media (not just Wikileaks) “trafficking” in unauthorized government state “secrets” information (read as Espionage Act or CFAA violations), whether or not the published info is classified or unclassified.

So no matter what one thinks or wants to think about Assange personally, given what is at stake and in light of what happened to me, I stand up in defense of Assange and freedom of the press as an eyewitness whistleblower and source for the sake of history and our precious and inalienable human rights.

For a lighter moment on such matters, see this funny but serious take from an episode I did with Jesselyn Radack on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart back on 6 August 2012.

Again I am most grateful for your continuing support and donations as I continue to speak out in my travels regarding just how much the public interest and the rule of law are sacrificed on the twin altars of secrecy and national security.

With appreciation,
Tom Drake