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SONY Studios A RIP OFF TOUR: Horrible Experience (MGM) Staff Keith Mitchell Assholism

Today, September 11, 2018 at 10:30 am I bought tickets to enlighten a sad day for Americans touched all around the world. I bought a group Tour ticket and I visited SONY Studios (ex MGM) with Professor James W WIlkie, my colleague at UCLA. and Miguel SANDOVAL, Elizabeth Armas,and we experienced a horrific treatment by the staff at Sony’s Cheapened experience at Sony, the sets don’t even belong to Sony’s!

Tour of streets between the buildings, except for wheel of fortune! They cheapened the whole experience! Guide Keith Mitchell grabbed by force my camera and deleted my videos, I felt violated!

At the entrance of Sony Pics this phony buffoon said that we can take pictures/videos only outside in the streets which I did, and 3 videos! He then jumped at me and forcefully grabbed my camera, a NIKON, out of my hands, and screamed at me that he is going to be fined for what he said (to the group, he lied a lot), and was afraid of being fired and fined. I caught him lying, to us as a group guide, about actors walking around and being bored in their tiny cramped motels on sets there!

Very unprofessional, asshole; has erased all my pics and videos; and I was in total shock at his behaviour. This is a big scam, we all realized! What a bad bitter experience! Never again going back there! he stole my camera (NIKON, Professional for 10 minutes) and ran away to the security man!

The Tickets to see the streets ($53 per person, we bought 4), were was not worth the money, nor was listening to a blabbermouth like him for 2 hours, BS-ing us about his grandparents running something unintelligible on the platform. And him being an actor (a failed one at that too). Sham, watered down, cheap history of economics of the old glorious platform has totally lost its lustre; and this guy just made Sony look cheap and a miserly experience.

This group “tour” is actually a criminal enterprise run by an unprofessional meek idiot, who doesn’t know PR, or history of any kind! It has been watered down, downsided, the group felt ripped off, lacks comfort, ease, more pit stops Ins and outs of buildings with Keith chatting on and on his nonsense! Small exhibits of old Pontiac car, and an oversized police car is what we saw!
I still posted Pics, only 4 left, on facebook on my page: DrOlga Lazin

Horrible place, HELL! I complained on Yelp about Sony, don’t ever go there again! It is a RIP OFF!

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