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Regula nr. 1 – Nu te vaita

Este realitatea continua in care se "scalda" o persoana care nu se concentreaza pe proces. Sa te plangi de situatia prezenta, de lipsurile sistemului, de lipsa resurselor tale, de lipsa abilitatilor tale, de cei din jurul tau, de lipsa abilitatilor lor etc – NU ESTE NICIODATA O SOLUTIE.

Pentru ca nu te duce nicaieri. Energia ta este una negativa, directionata catre probleme. Iar aceste probleme cresc pe masura ce te vaiti. Tocmai pentru ca "jocul" asta are loc in mintea ta.

Sunt nuante multe in zona asta. Daca ai prieteni care se vaita, cel mai probabil sunt persoane care nu au rezultate. Drept urmare, cel mai probabil si tu te vaiti si nu ai rezultate (pentru ca oamenii sunt animale sociale si comportamentele se copiaza de la un membru al unui grup la altul).

Sa te vaiti inseamna atitudine de victima, inseamna pasivitate si "lipsa de control" (pentru ca dai vina pe altcineva sau altceva pentru situatia in care te afli). In sedinte de coaching energia asta se simte imediat. O persoana care se vaita nu este o persoana care cauta in mod activ o solutie, ci este o persoana infranta, care a renuntat la "lupta".

Donald Trump spunea, apropo de persoane infrante:

"Recunosti un om infrant cand vrea sa iti vanda o masina pe care nici macar nu a dus-o la spalatorie inainte."

Am momente in care ma surprind in energia asta, dar stiind regula, imi zic instant "Nu te vaita". Castig timp foarte mult in felul asta 🙂

Regula nr. 2 – Nu te compara

Motivatia am expus-o deja mai sus. Chiar si cand esti sportiv de performanta, sa te compari cu altii: ori iti scade increderea in tine, ori iti creste egoul foarte mult. Mai mult, blocheaza capacitatea de a invata ceva de la omul respectiv.

Cand te compari, te concentrezi pe rezultat, nu pe proces.
Cand te compari, nu te educi, nici nu cresti – ci iti alimentezi egoul.

Regula nr. 3 – Nu critica

Critica nu ajuta la nimic bun. Energia, cand critici pe cineva, nu este una generativa, ci mai degraba combativa. Se spune ca e cea mai buna unealta cand vrei sa darami ceva, dar atunci cand vrei sa construiesti, nu vei reusi decat sa darami in continuare.

Era o vorba in care eu cred foarte mult "Daca nu ai nimic frumos de spus, mai bine taci". In felul asta nu esti un vector al negativismului, ci esti un factor generativ.

Atunci cand critici, la fel ca in celelalte cazuri, nu esti in energia de actiune si nici in cea de a cauta solutii. Esti tot in zona egoului, a comparatiei si a vaicarelii.

Personal, mai am o a patra "porunca", dar inca nu este integrata si nu ti-o pot spune 🙂

Pe scurt:

  • Daca simti anxietate cand te gandesti la viitor.
  • Daca simti ca esti pasiv si nu reusesti sa te pui in actiune.
  • Daca efortul pe care il depui, atunci cand urmaresti un vis sau un obiectiv este PREA MARE.
  • Daca esti conflictual tot timpul si nemultumiti de cei din jur (si inclusiv nemultumit de tine).
  • Daca nu esti multumit de rezultatele pe care le ai…

Regulile astea cumva te aduc pe linie, inapoi:

  • Cand te vaiti – nu inaintezi, nu cauti solutii, nu vezi resurse (nu inseamna ca nu exista, ci doar ca nu le vezi).
  • Cand te compari – refuzi sa mai inveti de la ceilalti si esti mai interesat de aparente, decat de realitate, de imagine, decat de cine esti tu.
  • Cand critici – nu esti creator, ci distrugator. Ba te si vaiti (pentru ca nu iti convin lucruri la cealalta persoana) si te si compari (pentru ca te crezi mai bun decat persoana criticata). Sunt pacatele toate insumate.

Sacrificiu – sau oglinda?

Tot ce am reusit in viata, am reusit in urma a doua mentalitati total opuse:

– prin sacrificiu personal si cu un efort supraomenesc aproape(povestea de la inceputul newsletterului)
– prin oameni, oglindind in permanenta ce straluceste in fiecare, atunci cand intru cu el in contact

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In this time over $50 million has been spent on MitoQ research. PubMed shows there are currently 177 studies performed on MitoQ that cover a broad range of areas such as absorption, toxicity, antioxidant activity and treatment for degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

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There are a wide range of conditions that can affect our nervous system. Known as neurological disorders, they can result in the gradual loss of control of our muscles, organs or our cognitive ability.

Releasing neurotransmitters and general cell house keeping within our nervous system requires a huge amount of energy. Although our brains only make up about 2% of our body weight, they use up to 20% of our body’s total energy expenditure. This means that neurons are highly dependent on mitochondria, our body’s cellular batteries, being as healthy as possible, to produce the ATP energy required for us to function well.

MitoQ is the world’s first and only mitochondria-targeted antioxidant which is absorbed into the mitochondria of your cells, hundreds of times more effectively than traditional antioxidants like CoQ10. It was discovered and developed at the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand) and is a significant break-through in antioxidant technology.


What happens to mitochondria in neurological conditions?

When we are young and healthy, the mitochondria in our neurons are working at 100%, delivering all the energy needed. We are strong, full of energy, we have sharp memories and we sleep well, and — for the most part — we are free from serious disease.

However, as we age or when neurological conditions are present our mitochondrial function starts to decline and their reserves of CoQ10 start to diminish. Cellular damage, or oxidative stress, can start to build up and has been shown to be a major contributing factor in aging and other neurological conditions.

pic-3.jpg If you can improve your mitochondrial function, then you may be able to reduce or reverse some symptoms of neurodegeneration by improving the energy available to your neurons. This allows your neurons to perform their functions properly, slows free radical leakage into your cells, and reduces the daily wear and tear that is damaging your cell contents and DNA.
When your mitochondria are functioning optimally, your cells get enough energy and will start to act young again, and in many cases — because cells are self-repairing — you will see a reversal in the effects of damage on the cell.

You will notice an improvement in overall energy and a sharper mental focus as your whole body starts to feel and react to the increase in available energy.

MitoQ vs CoQ10

Although we can take standard CoQ10 as a supplement to assist with protection against oxidative damage, research has proven that hardly any of it gets inside your mitochondria where it is needed most. This is where MitoQ’s advanced delivery system comes into play! MitoQ is able to penetrate the double cell membrane to get the antioxidant deep within the cell where you need it most.

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Your health will benefit from MitoQ

MitoQ sets your mitochondria up with optimal energy for cell function. When your cells have all the energy and defenses they need, they stay younger for longer, you slow the aging process, and your neurons have the resources to support your body for an optimal healthy lifespan.

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THE DEMO, shows ionizing radiation that mutate cells. BAD. DNA damage also.

B. RADIO frecquences waves bad, if ear is warm, stayed too long on the phone, u are exposed.

The reality is young brains are more susceptible!

Expert warnings; Sanjay GUPTA!

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