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There is a word for the trauma caused by distance from nature: Psychoterratic Lady


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Yes, I am Psychoterratic .

And here are the BRALLETES I LOVE:
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This style runs in a super-broad range of sizes, all the way from 30A to 38DD, with adjustments made on necessary elements of the construction, such as widening the straps for larger sizes. Bear in mind that Nordstrom recommends ordering one cup size above your usual, but staying true to your band number for the best fit.

An intelligent blend of super-stretchy fibers like nylon and spandex makes this lightly lined bra incredibly comfortable and breathable all day long.

The feedback from reviewers of all different sizes is positively glowing. One commenter says, “I have a smaller chest and have a pretty difficult time finding a bra that doesn’t just devour my boobs. This one fits like a glove.”

Another, larger-chested reviewer writes, “I can wear it for 16 hours and be happy. The overlay of lace helps keep very large breasts from escaping!”

Nordstrom reviewers aren’t the only ones who gush about this magical bra. One of Real Simple’s own editors give it her stamp of approval for bustier ladies, saying “This bra was initially recommended to me (size 36E) at a professional fitting at Journelle, and I took a look at it and worried it wouldn’t be supportive enough. But I took a chance and am so glad I did. It’s soft and comfortable to wear for hours on end, and unlike most bras at my size, I actually look forward to wearing it because it’s so pretty. The matching underwear is great, too!.”

Pick up one (in each color) of these rave-reviewed, comfortable bras today for $68, and never settle for “just okay” again.

37DD – Now, measure your bust three times as well. Start by measuring your bust (without wearing a bra or shirt) while standing. Then, measure while bending over at a 90º angle, and finally, measure while lying down on your back.

Now, enter the above six measurements into this bra size calculator.

How to find your bra shape

As much as we wish that’s all it took to find a perfectly fitted bra, we all know bodies are unique and bras are complicated, so there is one more step. To find your breast shape (and in turn, the proper bra you should be wearing) you’ll need to figure out your projection and your fullness.

To determine whether your breast shape is more projected or more shallow, try holding up a pencil with the underside of your boob. Projected breasts have more of a fold on their bottom half and should be able to keep the pencil in place, whereas shallow breasts have less of a fold or no fold at all.

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Shallow breasts should pay close attention to that characteristic when selecting bras. Projected breasts should refer to their fullness level specifically. To determine your fullness, without wearing a bra, bend over 90º from the hips and assess your profile in a mirror. If you have more tissue above your nipple, your breasts are full on top, if you have more flesh below the nipple, your breasts are full on the bottom. If the flesh seems evenly distributed above and below the nipple, your breasts have even fullness.

With your true size and fullness in mind, keep scrolling to see the r/ABraThatFits’ best recommended bras for you, narrowed down to the five highest rated on Amazon. See why Reddit (and we) love these picks.

1Best Bras for Shallow Breasts

Best Bras for Shallow Breasts


Natori Women’s Feathers Contour-Plunge Bra
We’ve covered this top-rated bra before, which only goes to show how popular it is that everyone from Reddit enthusiasts to Nordstrom reviewers can’t get enough of it. Shallow gals are great candidates for this style, which fits sizes 30A to 38DD.

To buy: $12–131; amazon.com.

Parfait Charlotte Padded Plunge
Reddit user u/SaltyBlackBroad has heard great feedback from customers at her lingerie boutique. “One of my customers came in today and said she loves how high it is on the sides and the support she’s getting. She fits one of their bras in a 38E, but the 38F in Charlotte is working for her. One of her friends got the bra, and she said she likes how her ‘girls’ walk in the room before she does.”

To buy: $11–103; amazon.com.

b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s Ciao Bella Balconette Bra
“The colors are beautiful. The Cappuccino has a soft blue base with cappuccino (light brown) lace overlaid. The straps are also light brown and adjustable only half the length of the entire strap. The Tile Blue has a bright green base with turquoise lace overlaid,” says Reddit user u/fwootbat. “The straps are also blue. The band runs true to size and so do the cups. While it could be considered a lightly molded cup, I don’t have any problems with filling them out with my shallow ladies. These are two of my favorite bras now.”

To buy: $10–68; amazon.com.

Cleo Women’s Neve Plunge Bra
“I got a Cleo Neve and I finally feel like I have a bra that fits. My new Cleo is a 32F. Band size is comfortably tight on the largest hook. Great lift and no gaping at the top,” says Redditor u/m1chellec.

To buy: $17–79; amazon.com.

Cleo Women’s Juna Balconnet Bra
“I wear a 34H. I’ve tried Panache Jasmine, Minnie, and Juna,” says user u/Aben907. “They all fit reasonably well but the Juna was the best, most comfortable of the three.”

To buy: $27; amazon.com.

2Best Bras for Full On Bottom Breasts

Best Bras for Full On Bottom Breasts


Goddess Women’s Plus Size Keira Underwire Banded Bra
“I am relatively full on both top and bottom, but fuller on bottom, and I am definitely in the large and pendulous category. I feel good in this bra; it’s like an ally, not something I just have to put up with,” says user u/ocherdraco.

To buy: $25–74; amazon.com.

Elomi Women’s Caitlyn Underwire Side-Support Bra
Redditor u/lottebagpipe loves this style. “I’ve FINALLY found the bra of my dreams, the Elomi Caitlyn in a 34H. It’s the best fitting bra I’ve ever owned.”

To buy: $18–55; amazon.com.