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Escaping From Transylvania After the Cold War

Escaping Transylvania to the World

From the Romanian Gulag to Old and New Cultures – Memoirs


By Olga Lazin


How the University Really Worked in Romania


In 1963 when I was born in Transylvania, the “golden age” of socialism was in full “progress”.



Transylvania belonged to the Kingdom of Hungary (Transylvania) as part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire[.After World War I, in 1918 Transylvania became part of Romania again. In 1940 Northern Transylvania reverted to Hungary as a result of the Second Vienna Award, but Romanian queen Maria reclaimed it after the end of World War II.[1]


All of Romania was seized for its oil by Nazi Germany (1940-1944), “liberated” by the “Soviet Union” (1944-1947), and “re-liberated” to become the Popular republic of Romania (under USSR remote control) as the Cold War was beginning to freeze the Iron Curtain into to place.


The first “president,” Gheorghiu-Dej (1965) ruled as puppet of Moscow, but when he died, his Sec Gen of the Communist Party of Romania, Nicolae Ceausu, was elected as the second “president” (1965-1989), shifting his savage dictatorship into a harsher “nationalistic Gulag” than known in the USSR.  At the end of 1994 the Russian military organized “presidential” elections of “people’s committees” in the region.[2] The end of the war occupied some formerly Romanian northeastern territories occupied by the Soviet Union, with Red Army units stationed on Romanian soil. In 1947 Romania forcibly became a People’s Republic (1947–1965).



For two decades I neither understood the dimensions of tragic situation of Transylvania (located in northeast Romania on the Ukrainian border), nor did I understand that I would have to escape the Gulag of Romania by the skin of my teeth.


For peoples of the world Transylvania seems to be a far away place, where most people know the werewolves and vampires have been rumored to roam & lurk in nature. In the imagination of people everywhere, whose beliefs are soaked in mystical folklore, even today it is hardly possible to have a rational conversation on any subject matter. Most occupying forces never understood either the culture of the Romanian people or the distinct culture of Transylvania.

Naturally I am a bi-national citizenship, but without belonging to any of the two countries. Summoning my unconsciousness to write this autobiographical piece, I need to reaccustom myself to thinking of the distinct cultures of the region.

Once in general school I excelled in Romanian and American Languages.



The population consisted of RomaniansHungarians (particularly Székelys) and Germans.

These languages are still being spoken on the Territory of Maramures County, including Rroma, or the Gypsy language. I always liked and loved the Romanian language, so I decided to become a Professor of Romanian Language and Literature.


I was admitted to the University in Cluj, in the heart of Transylvania, namely the American Language and Literature – Indian Language And Literature Department of Filology. The professors, started reading the mounds of new Decrees every day, which made me laugh, and staff of the university was suspicious of me not believing their “expose” in the classrooms. Professors were trying to befuddle us with words from a wooden language, totally bent toward twisting our brains into confused submission. Professors, securitate officers acting as sweaty bureaucrats, uneducated idiots trying to tell us what to think. Not one professor asked us, “What do you really think, all of you?” Each professor had their favorite students and made sure they pointed it out in class, stifling any competition, and showed openly their favoritism or nepotism.

When I reached 22 years, I started being argumentative, and started criticizing professors, esp. the history professor. I was getting so sick at academics yelling at us, and being forced to do the military service as a woman in the academia. After all, Americans were coming to take away our socialist country.

We couldn’t t buy books in English, and I was an English major.

We couldn’t talk to foreigners, and the atmosphere was dreadful in classes. Speech was not free; one couldn’t argue in class, or make any real analysis or debate. You had to regurgitate what they were telling you, and read whatever was there in the old books stacked in the communist library.

Nobody underwent this.


I was a professor of Indian and English in Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures County, at School #2. It was very exacting commuting all the time from Tisa to Sighet. So, finally I decided to leave in 1986, and traveled to the border, as well as paid a smuggler to take me to Yugoslavia. My mother was so confused by the propaganda, that she started crying when I was freed from prison, feeling very emotional after the death of the nation’s father, Ceausescu.



I have been unfairly jailed as I tried to leave the country in 1986. I was ready to give up my freedom, just to escape an impossible country, with impossible leadership.

In 1989, Ceausescu finally pardoned everybody who tried to escape the horrendous conditions in the country.

The first act of freedom I have performed it was to secure a passport for myself. And got married to Valerian. Otherwise the consulate would not have given  me the visas. { }


After I finally left Romania, after Ceausescu was shot by an execution squad.

Shortly after,  I have met American professors from UCLA, who were doing a study on the the effects of the Cold War in post-socialist countries. My observations were very valuable to Dr Wilkie who then asked me to guide the academic group through Eastern Europe. They were traveling in a German Opel (a U.S. made car). I took them to the Museum of my friend, D-ra Mihaly de Apsa, in my hometown, Sighet. We went to the Merry Cemetery, and it was dusk by the time JW arrived in Sighet at the Marmatia Hotel.


I’ll start by explaining the places I went in 1991, on one of the most beautiful part of Romania, through Pasul Prislop.  We went Around Romania, visited the monasteries of Moldova, C-lung Moldovenesc, Suceava, Sucevita and Agapia monasteries. Then we went  to Lacul Rosu. We took the scenic road to  Cluj Napoca, where I was trying to get the plane in order to fly  out to Paris, in France. I had all the visas. But there was no flight. Nobody took credit cards, so JW had to take out a lot of cash, so that we can travel safely.


I fell in love with Jim Wilkie. After this I am going to call him JW.

I was deeply in love with James Wilkie, whom has hired me as a guide.

He said: “call me Jim”.  We finally left for Budapest after the airport visit in Cluj Napoca. We got through Budapest, finally, and then got out towards Austria and Germany.



Dr JP was worried that I was a spy, as we received special private rooms, andgreat Hotel deals, plus good lunches at the the Monastery, where I was good friends with Mother Superior.

Richard Beeson, who headed up Deutsche bank, London office, where he represented all EE countries, had convinced EE countries Central banks to deposit their golden cash at Deutsche Bank, london office. He reunited with JW in Prague, and Crakow, where he was blinded by the horrible polluted air.

In Budapest I obtained the Austrian visa, where I needed a transit visa.

Then we travelled to Kobentzl, overlooking Salzburg, talking about the economy. We even spent most of our time down Salzburg city, taking pictures, and JW was teaching me economics, how the world of development worked: financies, credit, interest. JP had more faith in me than ever.

Then we went to Munich, where we celebrated Oktoberfest. Then I took the plane to Paris, from Munich, to fly out to Bordeaux to meet the family which invited me to France. JW had to go back to teach. He promised he would return for me soon.

After  ten weeks in Bordeaux, JW came to visit me. In Paris, I was refused asylum in France. The national security Bureau headed by a gris guy.


JW returned for me. It was a very wonderful fall, I Bordeaux, so we drove to see all the castles along the Loire River.

The 1st trip was to the river of LOIRE, left in September, and came back in December. Then we went to Paris, and visited the Versailles, Champs Elysee, the Montmartre, and Montparnasse. We had everything to ourselfves, Then we went to MARSEIlle, listening to the PASTORALES., beautiful green lands of France.


In Marseille we stayed at the SOFITEl, JW was overlooking the Bay, into town. And we went to the COTE D’azure. We stayed at Hotel Welcome. Then rode  over the serpentined cornish roads, overlooking the Mediterranean, Cap Ferrat, and Monaco. Then JW had to fly out to teach again, and I flew back to Bordeaux.


LIFE with the nuns. I flew to meet Jim in NICE, in 1992.

It is now another beautiful stay at WELCOME, in Beaulieu sur Mer.


Jim came back 10 weeks later. The second time we travelled to Carcassone, a fortified city, through Andora ( a gambling center, in the Pyrineeys). The Principality of Andora was rich and ostentatious with baroque buildings.  And La Rochelle.

Then entered into Spain, toward madrid, and stayed at Hotel Paris for a week, in the center of Madrid.

 Here we enjoyed the charales in the main plaza.


We left to Toledo, and then to the town of Trujillo. In Trujillo we went and took pictures while walking on the red roofs of  houses, perfectly lined up for me to walk. I took great that I was free and nobody minded my business. Jim and I , we were only taking care of one another.

We went up to the Devil’s Throat (a town deep in a canyon, tucked into the mountains) to continue up in the mountains, and then went down to a walled town of AVILA, to Trujillo, and continued to Madrid.


Then we headed toward El Escorial, the monastery, and then JW flew out of madrid. I took the plane to France, and in Bordeaux I joined the nuns again, and continued my studies of Folklore at the University of Bordeaux, where I was writing about the mythical Lilith.




To paint a picture of words, I am flashing out the pageant,of that beautiful catholicchurch, as we went down from La Rochelle, along the clean river, where we called ahead and we found a room with a high ceiling.


In 1992 I left France for the United States, more specifically to Los Angeles.

In L.A. I witnessed the 1992 riots. We found a lovely hotel, Marina Del Rey, in Marina del Rey, where  I stayed for a week, and we looked for a place to live.

I have escaped from the bad world into the good world. We loved each other so deeply.


I moved into Westwood and enrolled into the UCLA’s Master program in summer 2004. I graduated soon after in 2005, no family was present.

I understood that I never had good communication with any of my husbands. I was sensitive and creative; and only JW could appreciate me.


My uncle Nicholas Lazin invited me to visit, Oshawa, in Toronto, Canada. It was winter time in Canada, and it was a harsh experience staying there and getting accustomed again to cold waether. It just does not work with me; we don’t mix, the cold weather and me, it was as simple as that.

I tried to live also in Mexico,  at a place called El Bosque del Secreto, but it did not work out. The house was too isolated from town, without a car, far from the market, it was not feasable.


As all ironies are happening, when I arrived to L.A., the riots were in progress.

I was seetling in marina del Rey. Then I left again to Toronto to see my uncle Nicholas, and cousin Caroline Lazin. I started teaching pretty soon, when I returned to UCLA.

Dr Lazin & her Students at UCLA:











After 2 years in the Doctoral Program in History at UCLA, I graduated in 2001, in January. After graduattion I have published my Doctoral thesis, and a second book on the bright and dark sides of Globalization with Dr James W Wilkie, Professor at UCLA. Our books are widely read around the world and are used to teach Courses at College and University levels. To get the books, download them form:








After 9/11 the whole world has changed. And this will be the topic for another book.



Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/203836679/Escaping-From-Transylvania-30-FebTRANSYL?post_id=2538457_10103066199638166#_=_


[1] More on the diversity of cultures in Transylvania: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Transylvania


[2] from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_history_of_Maramure%C5%9F#Antiquity



I finally had the chance to leave the country when Nicolae C. was shot by an execution squad in 1989.

Obtaining visas to western countries was extremelly hard in 1990, right after ceausescu was shot. I convinced my then-husband Valerian Pipas to come with me to Bucharest and arrange for visas to France. I also needed transit visas through Austria and Germany.




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Articol Interesant despre Energie, de Claudia Pirvoiu, din HotNews.ro
Luni, 25 noiembrie 2013, 21:52 Economie | Energie

“Soarta reactoarelor 3 si 4, decisa in functie de discutiile cu chinezii
Din 13 documente semnate, luni, la Palatul Victoria, intre partea romana si cea chineza, 6 sunt in domeniul energiei. Mai mult, singurul document referitor la o afacere privata, semnat in cadrul unei ceremonii speciale la Guvern, tot in domeniul energiei este. Dintre cele 6 documente au iesit in evidenta un memorandum de intelegere si o scrisoare de intentie in domeniul proiectelor nucleare, o scrisoare de confort pentru hidrocentrala Tarnita-Lapustesti si acordul privat între MINGYANG Wind Power Group si PAUNESCU Corporation.
• Cooperare in domeniul nuclear inseamna si tehnologie chineza?

In domeniul energiei nucleare au fost semnate doua documente: un memorandum de ințelegere intre Departamentul pentru Energie din Romania si Administrația Nationala pentru Energie din China, pentru cooperare în domeniul proiectelor nucleare si o Scrisoare de intenție intre SN Nuclearelectrica si General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN). Nu e clar ce prevede memorandumul semnat de Departamentul pentru Energie, insa cel dintre Nuclearelectrica si CGN se refera, cu siguranta, la constructia Reactoarelor 3 si 4 de la Cernavoda, proiect evaluat la peste 6 miliarde euro. Insa in ce conditii ar putea veni chinezii sa construiasca cele doua reactoare? Aceasta companie este fosta “Guandong” care s-a aratat interesata de reactoarele 3 si 4 inca din 2011. In 2011, se ajunsese chiar la un acord de confidentialitate privind accesul companiei chineze la documentatia proiectului privind construirea reactoarelor. Au fost cateva discutii chiar si in perioada guvernarii Boc, dar toate negocierile s-au blocat in momentul in care chinezii au incercat sa-si impuna conditiile. Una dintre ele, poate cea mai importanta, era utilizarea propriei tehnologii, nu cea candadiana (CANDU), agreata atat de autoritatile romane, cat si de Comisia Europeana.

Vezi aici mai multe detalii legate de proiectul reactoarelor 3 si 4

In vara, in timpul vizitei sale in China, premierul Victor Ponta a scapat o declaratie despre investitorul chinez care ar urma sa vina cu propria tehnologie. “Pot sa spun direct: orice companie, nu doar compania chineza, daca ar fi si o companie europeana si ar fi vorba de aceleasi conditii, da, suntem dispusi sa dam pachetul majoritar. In momentul in care le cerem sa vina cu finantarea, cu tehnologia de constructie, nu vine nimeni sa-ti dea si bani si tehnologii si totusi sa ramai stapan”, a spus Ponta in timpul vizitei sale in China. Cateva zile mai tarziu, Ponta sustinea ca este o dezinformare faptul ca firma chineza ar urma sa utilizeze propria tehnologie. “România nu poate construi la Cernavodă decât pe tehologie Candu, că aşa avem licenţa de la Comisia Europeană şi nu se poate altceva”, a spus Ponta in cadrul prezentarii din luna iulie a planului national de investitii strategice.

• A fi sau a nu fi procedura de selectie in cazul Tarnita-Lapustesti

Tot la Guvern a fost semnata o scrisoare de confort pentru Tarnita-Lapustesti intre compania de proiect Hidro-Tarnita si compania chineza Sinohydro. Si proiectul hidrocentralei Tarnita-Lapustesti este un proiect mai vechi, evaluat la peste 1,2 mld euro, discutii cu partea chineza fiind purtate inca din perioada guvernarii Boc. Este un proiect atat de vechi, incat se vorbea despre el inca din anii ’80, din partea romana fiind implicata compania Hidroelectrica. Dintr-o inregistrare obtinuta de HotNews.ro a sedintei Consiliului de Supraveghere (CS) al Hidroelectrica din 22 octombrie reiese ca Departamentul pentru energie, prin Hidroelectrica, a furnizat o serie de informatii legate de proiectul mamut de 1,2 miliarde de euro Tarnita-Lapustesti catre doua companii chineze, Gezhouba Corporation si Sinohydro. Potrivit membrilor CS, sunt cel putin doua probleme legate de Tarnita-Lapustesti. Prima este legata de furnizarea unor informatii catre doua companii, existand riscul acordarii unui tratament preferential. A doua este lipsa unui studiu care sa demonstreze profitabilitatea proiectului. “Indicatorii (n.red.tehnico-economici)sunt prosti toti, de aceea nimeni nu-i scoate pe masa”, spunea Remus Borza, presedintele CS, conform inregistrarii. Insa, chinezii nu beneficiaza doar de informatii legate de proiectul Tarnita, ci si de alte proiecte. “Daca noi dorim sa le dam informatii despre proiecte viitoare pe care noi vrem sa le licitam, asta seamana a tratament preferential (…)In momentul in care a venit acel memorandum, era o chestie foare generala. Ori, din nota de fundamentare unde vad ca se dau detalii cu privire la anumite proiecte, inteleg ca, totusi, nu este o chestie generala, ca este o chestie calata pe anumite investitii si detalii pe care noi Hidroelectrica le furnizam celor 2 companii. Ori, cu asta am chiar o mare problema. Nu vreau sa fim acuzati dupa aceea ca am favorizat 2 companii din lumea asta intreaga”, spunea Oana Truta, membru CS. “Problemea mea este ca in momentul in care acest proiect va continua si se va da drumul la investitie, pot sa vina alte 2-3 companii si sa spuna: dar si eu as fi vrut sa am la dispozitie 1 an sau 6 luni, sa ma duc la Hidroelectrica si sa iau datele respective. Aici vad o problema, pentru ca noi am creat un avanataj celor doua companii. Nu este problema de confidentialitate”, a mai spus Truta.

Legat de proiect in sine, nici Remus Borza nu crede in oportunitatea lui. “E clar ca pe avionele astea doar chinezii pot sa intre la finantare, ca restul nu sunt nebuni. Indicatorii sunt prosti toti, de aceea nimeni nu-i scoate pe masa. Este ca si in aia cu Bechtel: 1,4 mld euro pe 40 km de autostrada. Indicatorii sunt prosti. Siguri ca multi vor sa ramana in istorie cu o ctitorie si asa cum Stefan cel Mare a ramas cu manastirile, altii vor sa ramane cu Tarnita. Dar nu credem in fiabilitatea unui astfel de proiect. Nici nu suntem in masura acum sa ne pronuntam, nici pe indicatori, nici pe oportunitate. Nu este decizia noastra”, a afirmat Remus Borza.

La randul sau, Remus Vulpescu, membru CS, spunea ca aceste memorandumuri nu ar trebui sa interfereaze in niciun fel cu normele europene legate concurenta loiala si achizitiile publice. Vulpescu a afirmat ca in perioada in care a fost administrator special la Hidroelectrica a cerut Departamentului de achizitii din Hidroelectrica o nota prin care sa fie transmise asigurari ca nu sunt incalcate prevederile OUG 34/2006 privind atribuirea contractelor de achizitie publica. “Nu tin minte sa mi se fi oferit o nota scrisa in acest sens, au fost niste asigurari verbale”.
• Vezi aici intreaga discutie intre membrii CS din Hidroelectrica pe tema Tarnita

In general, scrisorile de confort se semneaza dupa desemnarea unui castigator in cadrul unei proceduri de selectie a unui investitor. In cazul Tarnita nu a fost nicio procedura de selectie, au fost doar doua companii chineze care au avut acces la niste documente. De aceea, este greu de inteles cum s-a ajuns la semnarea unei scrisori de confort.

Premierul Victor Ponta a dat asigurari, in timpul ceremoniei de la Palatul Victoria, ca vor fi respectate toate regulile UE legate de competitie. Insa, a venit si cu o precizare: in multe proiecte, companiile din China au o oferta mai buna. “În ceea ce priveşte regulile competiţiei din Uniunea Europeană, evident că România şi toate ţările membre trebuie şi le respectă. Astăzi însă, în condiţii de competiţie egală, europeană, există multe proiecte în care companiile din China au o ofertă mai bună, o ofertă financiară, o ofertă tehnică mai bună. Şi am garantat primului-ministru şi delegaţiei sale că, atunci când oferta unei companii chineze este mai bună, aceea va fi în mod sigur câştigătoare”.

Nu intamplator, Bruxelles-ul a transmis celor 28 de state membre UE o circulara cu doua obiective majore privind relatiile cu China. Primul obiectiv este ca orice negociere bilaterala cu China sa nu treaca peste liniile directoare de negociere stabilite la nivel comunitar. Al doilea obiectiv este ca statele membre sa informeze Bruxelles-ul in legatura cu eventualele acorduri incheiate cu China. Circulara a fost transmisa de Bruxelles cu citeva zile inainte de summitul liderilor din China si statele Europei Centrale si de Est, care va avea loc la Bucuresti in 25-29 noiembrie, si vine pe fondul ingrijorarilor liderilor comunitari fata de o posibila strategie chineza de tip “divide si cucereste”, pentru a pune presiune pe UE in disputele cu Beijingul.
• O afacere privata si 12 de stat, toate la Guvern

La Guvern, dupa semnarea a 12 documente intre statul roman (reprezentat de ministere sau companii de stat) si statul chinez (institutii si companii de stat), a fost parafat si un document pentru o afacere privata: Acord între MINGYANG Wind Power Group si PAUNESCU Corporation pentru investiții in centrale eoliene si echipamente de export. MINGYANG Wind Power este una din cei mai mari zece producatori de turbine eoliene din lume si este listata la New York, iar Bobby Paunescu este cunoscut pentru implicarea in productia de filme si participarea in actionariatul B1 TV. Bobby Păunescu a precizat, la Palatul Victoria, că parcul eolian, care va avea o putere de 200 MW, va fi realizat în următoarele 11 luni în zona Vaslui-Huşi, în baza unei investiţii a părţii chineze în valoare de 403 milioane dolari, potrivit Agerpres. Partea română este cea care a asigură elementele de infrastructură ale proiectului, a adăugat Păunescu.

Bobby Păunescu a spus ca un aspect ce a contribuit la realizarea acestui parteneriat recunoaşterea producţiilor cinematografice realizate prin intermediul caselor sale de film, “Mondragon Movies” şi “Solar Pictures”, unele dintre pelicule fiind premiate în China. Bobby Păunescu s-a declarat bucuros că parafarea contractului între firma pe care o conduce şi compania chineză a fost introdusă pe agenda semnării la Palatul Victoria între Guvernele României şi Chinei a mai multor documente de colaborare bilaterală în domeniile energiei, agriculturii, economiei, IT şi culturii, mai precizeaza Agerpres.
• Complexul Energetic Oltenia ii asteapta de un an si jumatate pe chinezi

Complexul Energetic Oltenia a semnat cu China Huadian Corporation un acord de intenție de cooperare pentru realizarea proiectului termoelectric de la Rovinari. Compania chineza a fost declarata castigatoare a unei licitatii inca din luna mai 2012, insa abia acum s-a ajuns la un acord de intentie.

Comisia de negociere pentru Proiectul ‘Realizare grup energetic nou de 500 de megawati la Termocentrala Rovinari’ a selectat la inceputul lunii mai oferta depusa de compania chineza China Huadian Engineering Co. Ltd, informa in mai 2012 compania energetica. Oferta companiei chineze a intrunit cel mai mare numar de puncte, respectiv un total de 100, fata de 78,75 puncte obtinute de compania Marubeni Corporation. Este vorba de o investitie de un miliard de dolari pentru construirea noului grup energetic de 500 MW de la Rovinari.

Un alt complex energetic, insa cel de la Hunedoara, a semnat o intelegere pentru reabilitarea grupurilor 3 si 4 de la centrala termoelectrica Deva. Documentul a fost smenate intre Complexul Energetic Hunedoara si China National Electric Engineering. Proiectul a fost evaluat la circa 120 milioane de euro, potrivit unei invitatii de participare publicate de CE Hunedoara in Jurnalul Oficial al UE. Companiile interesate puteau sa-si anunte intentia de participare la procedura de selectie pana in luna septembrie. Vezi aici mai multe detalii.

Guvernele Romaniei si Chinei se mai angajeaza, intr-o declaratie comuna data publicitatii lunii la Bucuresti, sa aprofundeze relatiile de Parteneriat Amplu de Prietenie si Cooperare dintre cele doua tari. Declaratia comuna a celor doua guverne arata ca Indiferent de schimbarile care se pot produce pe plan international si in situatia interna din cele doua tari, prietenia traditionala dintre Romania si China se bucura constant de sprijinul deplin si larg al celor doua tari si popoare. Romania se angajeaza ferm sa aplice in continuare “politica unei singure Chine” si “saluta” participarea companiilor chineze la proiecte investitionale in diverse domenii in Romania, anuntand ca le va asigura “conditii egale derularii acestora, conform legislatiei in vigoare”.
• Lista acordurilor si memorandumurilor semnate intre Romania si China: Cooperare nucleara, exporturi de carne de porc in China, parc tehnologic, investitii chineze in energia termo, plus un business pentru Paunescu Corporation

VIDEO Doua companii din China au semnat cu administratorii judiciari ai Oltchim o scrisoare de intentie in vederea participarii la privatizarea combinatului
Declaratia comuna a guvernelor Romaniei si Chinei: Indiferent de schimbarile care se pot produce pe plan international si in situatia interna din cele doua tari, prietenia traditionala dintre Romania si China se bucura constant de sprijinul deplin si larg al celor doua tari si popoare
Victor Ponta: Acest soare de sfarsit de noiembrie e un semn de bun augur pentru relatia cu China. Vom avea un proiect de cale ferata rapida cu tehnologie chineza

Citeste mai multe despre victor ponta • reactoarele 3 si 4 • complexul energetic hunedoara •complexul energetic”

Zintz Julia
Balatonszentgyörgyi út 21
8623 Balatonföldvár

A részletekről felvilágosítás kérhető: 06-20-280-3778, 06-84-340-919 telefonszámokon.
Kapcsolódó dokumentumok:Janos ocse 7807157797.

Ambassador Ryan Crocket in Los Angeles: Middle East Analyasis











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